J&R Concepts Takes the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

After a remarkable teasing and awareness campaign on social media, it is now clear that the UJAMS (Une Journee Avec Ma Star) Freestyle Party organized by media and communications agency J and R Concepts, will take place on Friday 30, November 2018. And the ISMA Campus Bonamoussadi, Douala will grace this event.

According to the organizers of this event, hashtags like #November30th and #WeGoKnow that went viral on social networks were ever related to any other purpose other than entertainment communication.

About UJAMS Freestyle Party

UJAMS is an entertainment platform built for all young Cameroonians with the aim of entertaining them and promoting strictly Cameroonian talent. Certainly, this explains why the organizers of this hit event announced editions in Douala, Limbe, Bafoussam, Yaoundé and a special edition in Douala. The event, according to its organizers, also marks the launch of their website: www.ujams237.com in a bid to promote Cameroonian music and artists.

The UJAMS Freestyle Party consists of events meant to get fans to catch fun with their idols. According to the CEO of J&R Concepts Nvenakeng Junior, “it will enable up to 2000 fans to party with about 50 Cameroonian celebrities.”

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala
Junior Nvenakeng, CEO of J&R Concepts

Choice of artists

The invited artists for this remarkable event include Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Dynasty The Tiger, Ewube and Blaise B with Nabil and JJ Nshom as hosts. “The artists reflect the reality of the musical environment. Because we want the best, followers of our platform help us identify who they like. We do not make decisions ourselves because young people know better.” Nvenakeng said.

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

This urban edition of the UJAMS Freestyle Party will, therefore, give young people the power to vote who is better at doing freestyle during a live performance.

Where can you buy tickets?

Tickets for this event range from FCFA 3,000 and FCFA 5,000 for classic and VIP respectively and are available at all Santa Lucia agencies in Douala, all ISMA campuses in Douala and Jumia.

For all other details, you can contact +237 655-868-484/679-848410.

Make a date with the UJAMS Freestyle Party come November 30, 2018, and spend an entire day with your entertainment idols.


Kiss Levray: The PR Guru Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

Over the years, Kiss Levray has not only managed to establish himself as an interesting character in the entertainment industry, but he has steadily outlined his brand in the PR world.

Growing up, the French Afro-American residing in the United States is a Libreville-born Gabonese who has spent a chunk of his childhood in Marseille, France.

A careful look at some photos of Kiss Levray, popularly known as “Frenchy Plug,” reveals that he truly stands out with his unique style and his usual charisma of a growing tycoon in the entertainment industry.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
Kiss Levray (Frenchy) – @Frenchytheplug

Over the years Levray has assembled quite an impressive portfolio. He has successfully established himself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment world; his expertise is an asset that allows him to easily connect artists and other celebrities with different platforms and structures.

An unrivaled portfolio

Currently working as an international strategist at Node Music, a Gabonese label, who would have imagined that Frenchy would one day become the executive manager behind the famous Gabonese artist J-Rio?

Managing talents and artists, and enabling them to attain the celebrity status in their careers, “the plug,” “the underground creator” are names he has come to answer to over the years.

His adventure began in Italy, where he met the famous Italian director Checco Zalone during an international festival in Milan in 2014. Checco and his partner Gennaro Nunziante were in search of a group of African actors who could appear in their film, “Que Vado.” As adept as he was, Kiss Levray put the directors in touch with a group of talented Africans living in Milan. A collaboration between the Italian directors and Levray was solidified which enabled him to gain their confidence.

At a later time in 2014, during “The Houston Fashion,” Levray met with the 1998 Miss Universe representative of Trinidad, Wendy Fitzwilliam and became a technical advisor to this professional model. He was responsible for organizing his events and exhibitions of her modeling career at the time.

Ever since, Levray has assisted this lady to build a sound career in modeling as well as, helped her attract some very lucrative contracts.

Meeting awesome people

Sometime later, he met the Congolese actress Vanessa Caxeiro, residing in France with whom he decided to work as an agent. He worked hard for this Congolese superstar to build a robust online presence for her. A year later in 2015, he met Charles Tabu who became his business partner.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

From booking international artists like Maitre Gims, Hiro, Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, DJ Arafat and a host of others, Charles Tabu was the strategist he needed to push his career in the entertainment world further.

Kiss Levray: From Frenchy to a Humanitarian

At the tender age of 22, Frenchy had begun to take a keen interest in humanitarian work; he had just started working in the entertainment industry at the time. Growing up, he had always wanted to help vulnerable people, a passion he has followed into his adulthood.

It was on July 23, 2015, that Frenchy had decided to take a break from the entertainment industry. With some partners, he established a foundation with a non-lucrative purpose called “The Foreigners International,” an international organization which supports vulnerable populations, such as refugees, immigrants, victims of human trafficking, abused minors, international students and people having an intellectual deficiency.

Since its inception, the Foreigners International has dedicated itself to provide families, children, individuals and communities with gadgets, strategic partnerships, advice, and technical assistance. The Foreigners International allows these vulnerable groups to increase their independence and productivity.

Kiss Levray stands at the forefront of this NGO through which he impacts communities by strengthening the capacities of vulnerable populations to facilitate the development of supportive communities that have a positive impact on the quality of life of community members. By partnering with front-line service providers, states, localities, and tribal communities, outsiders can identify and implement solutions that transcend traditional program boundaries and facilitate access to services through planning, reform, and integration.

At the UN’s DPI/NGO with the Foreigners International

On August 23 this year, more than 500 NGOs around the world participated in the 67th United Nations Department of Public Information and NGO Conference (DPI/NGO) at the UN headquarters in New York. Its aim was to emphasize the value of multilateralism in identifying and implementing global solutions for global problems.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm


Among these NGOs, was the “Foreigners International.” Its CEO Kiss Levray who headed the NGO also has a moving story that can inspire more than one.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
The Foreigners International: International humanitarian NGO

The seasoned CEO attended the 67th DPI/NGO conference to share his ideas and program strategies with more than 500 NGO representatives from 67 registered countries. And certainly, his project did not go unnoticed by the organizers of the conference, who praised the ideas and objectives set by Levray’s NGO.

As the conference drew to an end, Kiss Levray exited the complex structure with a huge smile on her face. Perhaps, ‘smile’ wasn’t the right word for it. The top row of his teeth was in plain sight, and there was a faint curve to his lips. On anyone else, it would be a grimace, at best. On this face, however, it was a sign of bliss.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

As Levray expressed, “I am pleased to support the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations efforts to empower others and leave no one behind. The United Nations pleads for humans day and night. I am honored to be part of that and to support these efforts together.”

When we look at his professional milestone, we cannot help but acknowledge the milestone he is slowly achieving for himself. He is definitely a force to reckon with both in the entertainment and humanitarian sectors. It remains only to wish good luck to this worthy son of Africa.


Watch Deenah’s New Single ”Deenah Is Served” (Official Video)

Rising Cameroonian rapper Dinamic Wanyi popularly known as Deenah released her debut single “Deenah is served” under BGC Melody on June 1, 2018. The release of the Adah Akenji Directed Music video which was produced by the talented Edi LeDrae, was scheduled to be released in the nearest future. Turns out, that future has come rather too fast as she recently dropped the long-anticipated official video.

Read also: 237Music: Deenah – Deenah is served (Lyric video)

Her music career started in 2016 when she joined WestBoy Record (a music group) and released her first single titled, “Give.”

Deenah releases official video for new single ''Deenah Is Served''
Cameroon’s rising rapper of BGC Melody drops her first official video

She later left WestBoy Record to TrackZone Records. After a period of 2 years with TrackZone Records, she left and started working at 44Pictures. Two months after she started work at 44Pictures, the popular BGC Melody, signed her into its label, a record label she calls home till this day.

With fans waiting eagerly for several months, she, however, brings you her first official video, “Deenah is served!” Watch and enjoy…




Meet Nanova, Cameroon’s Young Sensation Gradually Making Her Way up the Music Chart

Constellation Entertainment has a newly signed artist Ashime Nanova Afor, an Afropop/hip-hop sensation popularly known by her stage name NANOVA.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon’s Most Phenomenal Female Rapper/Singer
Born on September 11, 1995, Nanova hails from Oshie, Momo Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. She holds a BSc. in Agricultural Engineering from the College of Technology (ColTech), University of Bamenda.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist

Nanova and music

She has nursed a passion for music since the age of 5 and has nurtured it jealously till present. She listens to diverse genres of music and has a great mastery of songs released in Africa. Her music is influenced mostly by a couple of artists both home and abroad in the likes of Whitney Houston, Bebe Manga, Lapiro, Koto Bars, Rihanna, Drake, Patoranking and Tory Lanez. For Nanova, “Music to me is deep, it’s food for my inner being.”

Her discography

In 2014, the talented rapper and singer released her very first single titled “Broken” which was directed by Chuzih. Through this track, Nanova expressed the pain people go through when love comes knocking and the strength we need to fight back. A year later in 2015, she returned with the release of “Paple” still directed by Chuzih.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist
In 2016, she got signed to Black Baby Entertainment and dropped “Super Money,” a blend of Afro-Bikossa & Rap produced by Phillbill and directed by Nakan Ndi. This was followed by the release of “Her Majesty Cypher Vol 1” in June 2017.
Recently, she teamed up with Gee Reign (of blessed memory) to do a song titled “Dedication,” dedicated to all those who never gave up on their dreams.
Not too long after parting ways with Black Baby Entertainment, Nanova, however, got a new deal with Constellation Entertainment, an independent label which has been in operation since 2014 and incorporates both LIVINGSTONE 1980, NE.films and NE.Photography.
For the past few months, the singer/rapper has been busy refining her art to meet the specific needs of her fans and the music market universally. She is now set to hit the universal market as a refined product.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist
Subscribe to her YouTube channel and stay tuned for a new page on her music journey.
Subscribe here >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbR-IoYsIFlaG5jtBveUW8w/

Link up with Nanova:

    • Facebook/YouTube: NANOVA
    • Instagram: @nanovaofficial
    • Twitter: @nanovaofficial

For more information, contact:

  • +237 677192964
  • Email: nanovaafor@gmail.com

Beneficial General Marks Automobile Insurance Campaign with Music Veterans

Like good old music, good car insurance never gets old. Mindful of this, Beneficial General has, therefore, launched a car insurance billboard campaign, featuring four of the finest male veteran music artists in Cameroon — Toto Guillaume, Dina Bell, and  Epee et Koum. This very creative campaign is historic to the company. The artists and their music mark an era when the company was born 40 years ago.

About Beneficial General and car insurance in Cameroon

Since its inception, Beneficial General has dedicated itself to deliver the best insurance policies in the country. True to this goal, the company has proven through innovation to be a leading car insurance company in Cameroon. This remarkable 6 month-long project highlights the fine relation between safety on wheels and great music.

Beneficial General Marks Automobile Insurance Campaign with Music Veterans

The company celebrates all its clients—old and young—through this memory lane inspired campaign. Through this campaign, the company intends to highlight the importance of a reliable car insurance policy.

The choice to buy car insurance policy depends on many factors like quick claims procedure, total coverage, easy access, etc.

Most people want an insurer who offers full coverage with benefits and is quick in addressing issues that may arise. Beneficial General has, therefore, been offering just that to its clients over the years. Such a campaign like this proves that the company is here to stay; innovating and developing new ways to reach out to their clients as well as, develop a new clientele.

The billboard’s strategic location along the airport highway is spot on! What better way to say goodbye and welcome to those leaving or entering the country than taking them on a memory lane infused with the essentials of a good car insurance policy.

Meet the power team

Toto Guillaume: It is impossible to speak of Makossa without mentioning his name because he is a key figure in the development of this musical genre, either as a guitarist, composer or a producer. His name over the years, has, therefore, come to be closely linked to four decades of Makossa history.

Beneficial General Marks Car Insurance Campaign with Music Veterans

Some of his tracks include Mba na na é and Ngon’a Ndongo. And some famous names in Makossa like Dina Bell, Joe Mboule, Jacky Ndoumbe, Douleur amongst others, owe their success to Toto Guillaume.

Dina Bell: Famous for his music and his hat, Dina Bell is a legend with 9 albums and many other works to his credit.

Beneficial General Marks Car Insurance Campaign with Music Veterans

Mongele m’am, ba dihani, and notably nalandi, thrilled music-lovers especially in the 70s, and his ingenuity with the piano cannot be overemphasized.

Epee et Koum: The twin brothers got Cameroonians and Makossa lovers around the world on their feet in the 90s and mid-2000s with songs like Mum’a Bobe, Matanga Mam, Pourquoi me Tromper and A Mulema.

Beneficial General Marks Car Insurance Campaign with Music Veterans
Epee et Koum – Ndolo e nyengen

Their identical dressing style, finesse, and originality beckon a feeling of calm, delight and brotherhood.


Vumomsé Releases Unconventional Gospel Video Titled Oluwa

Award-winning Afro-Gospel artiste Vumomsé, has just released the visuals of his new song titled ‘Oluwa.’

Vumomsé Releases Unconventional Gospel Video Titled Oluwa Vumomsé Releases Unconventional Gospel Video Titled Oluwa

The song is an inspirational piece that takes one on a journey of gratitude and serenity.

The video, which was directed by Tembi Muna in several locations in the USA, breaches the norms of “religious music.”

In every aspect, it represents spirituality, urban culture, and success in a way that has never been seen before. Plus, the chorus will have you singing along before you even know it!

Click to watch and enjoy this unique gospel piece:

Keep up with Vumomsé on social media:

Twitter: @VumomseOfficial

Instagram: @Vumomse_Official

Facebook: @Vumomse

Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl

Over the last few months, there was a lot of speculation that one of the most famous faces in Cameroon’s movie industry, Syndy Emade was pregnant. But the movie star wanted to maintain her privacy and therefore, did not make any public announcements until August 2, 2018, when she wrote a beautiful and emotional letter to her unborn baby on Instagram, with pictures showing the baby bump. Fast forward today, however, rumor has it that the beautiful actress has finally given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

View this post on Instagram

Dear baby,I know you are few months away but I just can't wait to meet you.Feeling you roll & play in there,I can't believe how fast time flies.I listen to all your movements getting to know you already each day.I can't wait to hold you skin to skin,heart to heart and for daddy and I to tell you "We love you".We have prayed for you,hoped for you and dreamt of you😇. Thanks for letting me carry on with work like the days I had to tuck you in just to finish shooting onset.You have made me glow and given me strength like never before. I can't wait to nurture you,instill good,great and Godly values and shower you with so much love ❤️ Xoxo ur moma to be👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧 #lettertomyunbornchild #herroyalmomness

A post shared by 👑SYNDY👑EMADE👑 🇨🇲🇨🇲 (@syndyemade) on

The baby was delivered via natural water birth, without any complications. See photos below:

Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl

Back in late April, she posted photos of baby shoes for a boy and a girl leaving fans to wonder if she was “coming out” about her pregnancy. But her beautiful pregnancy photos while wearing a beautiful red long flowy gown show just how beautiful she really is.

Syndy Emade wearing a red long flowy gown showing her baby bump

About Syndy Emade and her accolades

Born to Elone Synthia Emade on November 21, 1993, Syndy is a Cameroonian Actress, Model and Movie Producer. She is also the brand ambassador of InstaVoice Celeb and owner of Blue Rain Entertainment.

Over the years, she has produced many movies including; “A Man for the Weekend” and “Rose on The Grave.” Despite being a Cameroonian, Syndy however, made her international career debut in the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood) in 2016, in the movie “Why I Hate Sunshine.”

Emade won the 2014 edition of Cameroon Miss Heritage Award. In 2017, online movie streaming channel, Njoka TV listed her as the Second Most Active Cameroonian Actress for Africa Entertainment. And in the same year, she was awarded Best Cameroon Actress in Scoop Academy Award 2017. Aside from being the brand ambassador for Soleza Cosmetics and Virgin HairUK, she is also the brand ambassador for Africa Best Beverage.

Congratulations, Syndy.


Blu Nation Announces the Launch of JAVA Fest – Just Afrovibes Annual Festival 2018

Just Afro Vibes Annual Festival (JAVA Fest) is a festival founded by Blu Nation INC, a non-stock corporation located in Houston, TX owned by a young Cameroonian entrepreneur. The festival’s primary objective is to export talent from Africans at large and in Cameroon specifically. Such talent ranges from art, acting, comedy, fashion, modeling, music, sports, entrepreneurship, beauty and more.

With an activity schedule like none other, this festival will attract consumers of various social interests. It will also assemble individuals from different cultural backgrounds and from various cities from across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Blu Nation Announces the Launch of JAVA Fest - Just Afrovibes Annual Festival 2018

Just Afro Vibes Festival is a three-day festival that runs from November 16 to 18, 2018 annually. Acknowledging that entertainment and art have become a major source of income in today’s market, it aims at creating opportunities and avenues for growing talents. It also aims at creating opportunities for growing Cameroonian businesses. This is important as these businesses can benefit from direct access to consumers in markets with the highest purchasing power.

The African presence in the American entertainment and fashion spheres is growing significantly. This is especially true as more people gain significant interest in the African culture.

Our purpose at JAVA Fest

JAVA Fest aims to give a fair opportunity to deserving African talent, especially Cameroonian talent in avenues where the world would normally overlook these talents due to the massive presence of West African and South African acts. JAVA Fest acknowledges that vacuum and aims at giving a fair opportunity to deserving acts from under-promoted markets, especially Cameroon.

Blu Nation Announces the Launch of JAVA Fest - Just Afrovibes Annual Festival 2018

English and French are the two most spoken languages across Africa. With these languages being Cameroon’s two official languages, Cameroon is the single most capable market in Africa to cater to both the English and French consumers across Africa due to its unique bilingual state. Also known as Africa in miniature, Cameroon has almost 230 different ethnic groups. These groups originally originate from various parts of Africa, making it the beacon of African representation across the world.

JAVA Fest aims at bringing out the voices of the silent majority who have worked very hard but have not received due recognition. And much of this is due to the current structure of the African entertainment market. The goal is to reverse the disadvantage and provide a platform for celebrating and uplifting deserving acts. 

Line up

This year’s edition will see performances from A-List Cameroonian Artists like Tzy Panchak, Locko, Stanley Enow, Numerica, Coco Argentee, Koppo, and many others.

We would also have performances from US-based artists such as Fizzo Rap, Chapozee, Rahim Alpha, Eddy Bee, Firesola and lots of other exciting artists. Movie stakeholders; Syndy Emade, Agbor Gilbert, Alenne Menget, Fashion designers; Lima T. Jasino, EB Kreations, Connaisseur Paris, Stanlion, Louis Fame, Comedians like Oboy Da Comic, Moustik Le karismatik, Media Stakeholders; Nene Jimla, Myra Nangeh, Eliane Achu, Pamela Happi just to name a few, will be part of this exciting event.

The JAVA Festival is not an event you would want to miss. Its exciting schedule constitutes live performances, beauty conferences, movie premieres, stand up comedy, soccer games and loads of exciting activities.

To get tickets for this event or for more info about this exciting event, visit www.javafest.org.

Morgan Heritage’s Latest Release, ‘Africa Jamaica’ Aims to Unite Africa and Jamaica

Last year, Tanzanian hitmaker Diamond Platnumz teamed up with American reggae band Morgan Heritage to produce a powerful masterpiece titled Hallelujah. The song was undoubtedly one of the hottest collaborations Africa recorded that year. That collaboration seems to have crept into 2018 as the Grammy Award-winning group has recently dropped a dancehall jam titled, “Africa x Jamaica,” featuring Diamond Platnumz and Ghanaian BET Award-winner, Stonebwoy.  

Morgan Heritage teased the video on its official YouTube account on October 17, 2018, before premiering it on Friday.

Watch the video here:

Morgan Heritage is on a mission to unite Africa and Jamaica

Throughout history, music has celebrated the triumphs and tragedies of life. Dancers follow its beat; protesters use it to find their voice. It can promote ideals — like peace and solidarity. For Grammy award-winning Morgan Heritage, Africa has consistently been home, and for Africa, Morgan Heritage has always been their proud offsprings. Creating and delivering music alongside the latter’s continental various artists has always been a family affair, a union between “Africa and Jamaica.”

As the lead single from their 2019 upcoming album blazes the international airwaves, the anticipated music video has finally arrived.

Award-winning Brazilian film and music video director, Jordan Hoechlin directed the music video in Ghana last month.

On an unwavering major mission to build a stronger African and Caribbean relationship through music, the Grammy-winning group is very optimistic that the video will bridge the existing connection between Africa and the Caribbean by showcasing the similar beauty of its nature and peoples.

This project is part of the Ghana Jamaica Homecoming Festival, an initiative that was launched in July 2018. The aim was to promote music, tourism, investment, sports and cultural exchange between the two countries. And by extension, among Caribbean and African countries at large.

Morgan Heritage Features Diamond Platnumz and StoneBwoy on Their Latest Release, ‘Africa Jamaica’
The Morgan Heritage band

Africa Jamaica, another song for unity

For Morgan Heritage, “releasing ‘Africa Jamaica’ is a historic moment in our career that will forever live in our hearts. It was a joy to work with Diamond Platnumz and Stonebwoy — Africa’s best from East to West. We hope the people in Africa and around the world will love the music video.”

Both Diamond Platnumz and Stonebwoy have previously worked with the Jamaican group, on the tracks ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Reggae Night’ respectively. ‘Hallelujah’ proved a particularly successful collaboration, with the music video for the song reaching over one million YouTube views in just 15 hours after its release.

For Diamond Platnumz, “it is always a vibe working with my brothers Morgan Heritage. This is our second song together and I am excited that we have made yet another mega-hit for our fans.”

According to Mojo Morgan of the band, “we wanted an anthem to unite Africa and the Caribbean through the power of music and cultural crossings.”


Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit

Last month, Steven’s Music Entertainment teamed up with mega music producer CFX to make a hit for one of Cameroon’s fastest rappers, Boy Tag. The rapper and CFX have been working hard ever since on a couple of singles for Tag. Until recently, Steven’s Music Entertainment announced the release of “Cent Pour Cent (100%),” a brand-new single from Boy Tag. This song has now become a real club vibe, especially for Cameroonian DJs.

When Boy Tag was about to release “Cent Pour Cent,” he went about promoting it in clubs and meeting with local DJs in Douala and Yaounde. During such meetings, he made them listen to his hot new song, Cent Pour Cent prior to its release.


Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit?
PHOTO: Boy Tag with some of Douala’s top DJs rocking their “Respectez Le DJ a 100%.”

Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit?
PHOTO: Boy Tag with DJ Krys, one of Doula’s top DJs.

Boy Tag, who only made a public appearance in 2017, has steadily delivered music that shows just how adaptable and flexible he is. Ever since his presence in Cameroon’s music industry has grown to become one that cannot simply be snubbed. “Cent Pour Cent” which has come to add to his swelling catalog, is already having a firm grip on Djs in Cameroon.

Why Cent Pour Cent has become a hot track

In this latest single, Boy Tag offers his fans an up-tempo high energy fusion of makossa and house music. Produced by the unswerving CFX Música, the beat has a layer of sound effects that give it a distinct club vibe.

With “Cent Pour Cent,” Boy Tag closes in on the DJ and their pivotal role in deciding how clubbers have fun at parties and dance spots.

“I did this one for the clubs…I wanted a song that will make my fans dance on the first listen… similar to how Dj’s must keep their dancefloors busy… I am certainly adding this to my road show so that my fans and I, wherever I am performing can raise the roof.  I hope they love it as much as I do.” Boy Tag.

Cent Pour Cent, a song dedicated to the life of a party, Tag says the DJ is the life of the party. Through this single, Tag pays respect to DJs not only in Cameroon but the rest of the world who are key players in promoting artists and their music.

Prior to releasing the official audio for 100% online, Boy Tag made a one-week media tour to meet with DJs to share with them the song and party with them.

Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit?
Boy Tag promoting his upcoming HOT new track, “Cent Pour Cent”

He took this DJ promo campaign to a whole new level by printing T-shirts branded, “RESPECTEZ LE DJ A 100% ” (meaning Respect All DJ’s 100%) and handing them out to the DJs as a way of showing his love and respect to DJs for their role in various artists careers.

Vibing the party world

“Cent Pour Cent” is currently out on all music streaming platforms. While the official video shot by Dr. Nkeng Stephens will be released a little later, Boy Tag is currently doing a club tour to promote “Cent Pour Cent.” And with the official release, he intends to expand the promotion to include media houses in the coming weeks.

This song is most certainly like no other that has been released this year as it is the party/club song to end 2018. Cent Pour Cent is a great party song that the DJ can use to hype up the crowd. Tell us what you think about Boy Tag’s newest single, Cent Pour Cent. Is it really a party viber?