Daphne and Ben Decca On a Song Together?

Daphne revealed she was working with legendary artist Ben Decca but didn’t say what exactly they were working on

The beautiful songstress Daphne dropped a quiz on her facebook page 2 days ago asking the public to guess what project she was working on and who she was working on it with.

daphne 2

Today Daphne revealed she was working with legendary artist Ben Decca but didn’t say what exactly they were working on but am guessing its a video. The winner of the quiz got a copy of her album. Can’t wait to see or listen to what she has been working on. While waiting check out her latest video  Allez ft Les Featurist. Enjoy and share.

Join The #IAMYEFON Walk To Greatness, Peace and Security.


“Dear Young Cameroonian; Join us in this walk of hope. Together, we shall walk into our G R E A T N E S S. This walk is non political: It serves as a symbol; that as future leaders; we young people want to be EMPOWERING both to ourselves; and our community. We want to be more FOCUSED on our goals in life, ORIGINAL by finding our unique voices which we will use to make the world a better place; and NURTURING both to ourselves; and our world.

This walk is also the youth effort to be pro-active in our fight against terrorism. We as youths need peace to strive in our daily activities. For that reason, we are walking for peace in our country Cameroon. Join us. Empower Yourself. #YEFONWALK16 .”


This is a Message from young Sahndra Fon Dufe, a US based Kamer author of “YEFON” who was recently on a book tour in Cameroon moving from region to region empowering kids to become great leaders.  African Pictures Intl and Alissi Bronte Africa In Partnership with The Cameroon Youth Council, Cameroon Youths Forum for Peace (CAMYOSFOP) and Build Our Women will be teaming up with her to make this a reality. This walk will be taking place in Yaounde, on the 12th of March, 2016 at the Reunification Monument.

Follow her on twitter and instagram for more updates @sahndrafondufe and also like their Facebook page here

Penjo photography launches a movie department!

Penjo photography one of Kamer’s finest who have been immortalizing priceless moments for a while now have finally decided to take a dive deeper by going into movie production. Isn’t this awesome news?! I mean having seen these guys work magic with cameras we can only hope for Hollywood standards.


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They recently took the first step by carrying out auditions in Buea on the 21st of February, 2016. Way to go guys keep up I cant wait to watch your movies! Click on the link below to get a sneak-peek of what went down at the auditions.