Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl

Over the last few months, there was a lot of speculation that one of the most famous faces in Cameroon’s movie industry, Syndy Emade was pregnant. But the movie star wanted to maintain her privacy and therefore, did not make any public announcements until August 2, 2018, when she wrote a beautiful and emotional letter to her unborn baby on Instagram, with pictures showing the baby bump. Fast forward today, however, rumor has it that the beautiful actress has finally given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

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Dear baby,I know you are few months away but I just can't wait to meet you.Feeling you roll & play in there,I can't believe how fast time flies.I listen to all your movements getting to know you already each day.I can't wait to hold you skin to skin,heart to heart and for daddy and I to tell you "We love you".We have prayed for you,hoped for you and dreamt of you😇. Thanks for letting me carry on with work like the days I had to tuck you in just to finish shooting onset.You have made me glow and given me strength like never before. I can't wait to nurture you,instill good,great and Godly values and shower you with so much love ❀ Xoxo ur moma to beđŸ‘©â€đŸ‘§đŸ‘šâ€đŸ‘©â€đŸ‘§ #lettertomyunbornchild #herroyalmomness

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The baby was delivered via natural water birth, without any complications. See photos below:

Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl

Back in late April, she posted photos of baby shoes for a boy and a girl leaving fans to wonder if she was “coming out” about her pregnancy. But her beautiful pregnancy photos while wearing a beautiful red long flowy gown show just how beautiful she really is.
Syndy Emade wearing a red long flowy gown showing her baby bump

About Syndy Emade and her accolades

Born to Elone Synthia Emade on November 21, 1993, Syndy is a Cameroonian Actress, Model and Movie Producer. She is also the brand ambassador of InstaVoice Celeb and owner of Blue Rain Entertainment.

Over the years, she has produced many movies including; “A Man for the Weekend” and “Rose on The Grave.” Despite being a Cameroonian, Syndy however, made her international career debut in the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood) in 2016, in the movie “Why I Hate Sunshine.”

Emade won the 2014 edition of Cameroon Miss Heritage Award. In 2017, online movie streaming channel, Njoka TV listed her as the Second Most Active Cameroonian Actress for Africa Entertainment. And in the same year, she was awarded Best Cameroon Actress in Scoop Academy Award 2017. Aside from being the brand ambassador for Soleza Cosmetics and Virgin HairUK, she is also the brand ambassador for Africa Best Beverage.

Congratulations, Syndy.


237Gist: Syndy Emade finally reveals her baby bump!

Syndy Emade confirms pregnancy rumours…

A few weeks ago rumours errupted concerning Syndy Emade’s pregnancy status. The former finally reveals her baby bump in an exquisite pictures. She took to her IG a few mins ago to post this pictures alongside a very heart warming letter to her unborn child.

Though she hasn’t made mention of the father we couldn’t help but drool over these lovely pictures. Syndy is currently in the US after shooting 8 different movies this year.

Syndy Emade - Pregnancy
Photography: Nji Asonganyi Makeup: Era Era Designer: We Trend Ankara

237Gist: Empire First Lady, Mimie is reportedly Expectant!

Pregnancy seems to be the reason for Mimie’s absence on the scene…

Mimie - Je m'en fous - PregnancyRumour got to us that the young yet very talented singer, Mimie is 8 months pregnant. This happens to be the reason why she has been quite silent. Before her recent release titled Je m’en fous, the later has kept her fans wanting as she hasn’t released any projects in a while.

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A while ago we got wind of the fact that she and Locko were seeing each other which got us thinking is Locko the father of her baby. It is important to note that she confirms this rumour at the beginning of her latest release.

While waiting for updates keep watching her latest release Je m’en fous produced by Phillbillbeatz and directed by Nkeng Stephens.

Nigerian men spotted selling Ankara fabrics outside a stadium in Russia

Well you can take Nigerian men out of Nigeria but you can’t take Nigeria out of them!

Nigerian men - World cup RussiaA photo of some Nigerian men putting on the super eagles’ jersey and selling Ankara fabrics outside a stadium in Russia has gone viral on the internet. This was taken just before the match between Nigeria and Croatia during which the Nigerian team lost.

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Nigerian Producer, Masterkraft features Locko on His “Unlimited” Mixtape

Cameroonian kills boss in Nigeria for not paying his salary in advance

Those who are familiar with the Igbos from Nigeria will know they are very business inclined. Which left some people guessing they should be from the said tribe. Some of the comments are however very hilarious.

237Gist: Martin Enow pulls out of Motherland Empire

Martin Enow, Manager at Motherland Empire announces that he quits the said record label…

Martin Enow x Stanley Enow

Martin Enow took to his facebook a few mins ago to announce that he was no longer involved in affairs concerning his brother Stanley Enow and that no one should get to him concerning Stanley. He also said if need be the person should get to Stanley directly. This raised eyebrows as we know they both have had a good working relationship for more than 5 years now ( though maybe they might have been huddles we do not know off).

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Martin has always been there for his brother picking his every fight and standing by him. This got us wondering why the sudden change of attitude? What went wrong?

Stanley Enow x Martin Enow

From the recent revelations we have had from Stanley and his team, if everything goes on as planned his career is about to take a huge turn with the coming of his second album. Why then quit before your moment of glory? Meanwhile Martin also revealed he will be live at 3pm today on his Facebook page to spill the beans. Well we just hope this is not another publicity stunt from our entertainers as that seems to be the trend amongst them these days. Subscribe and Stay tuned for more exclusive infos.

“Mr Leo needs to work with designers” says Prince Noni Oyibo

Cameroon based fashion designer, Prince Noni Oyibo took to his Facebook this morning to express his utmost disgust towards Mr. Leo’s sense of fashion.

Cameroon based fashion designer, Prince Noni Oyibo took to his Facebook this morning to express his utmost disgust towards Mr. Leo’s sense of fashion. According to him Mr. Leo needs to partner with designers or hire a stylist.



This came in after Mr Leo’s appearance at the Kamerlink magazine launch which took place December, 20th in Buea.

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He made the cover of the first edition of this magazine. Some fans were not impressed with what he wore on the cover of the mag.


It is ver important to note that public appearances are an important of an artist’s brand and should not be taken with a pinch of salt.


Do you share Prince’s idea or opinion. Do you think Mr. Leo needs help in that department?

237Gist: Big Dreams Entertainment talks Hack Scandal

Arthur Locko and the entire Big Dreams Ent. team announce the deletion of their latest video drop “Je serrai lĂ ” by Locko from his YouTube account by a hacker.

Locko Je serai la

The video which was released four days ago was already above 200,000 views was deleted this morning by an unauthorized individual, in other words , the account was hacked.

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Locko Je Serai laLocko Je serai la

The video will be re-posted at 6pm today!

Watch and share!

Qu’Est Ce Qui N’a Pas MarchĂ©? See review by @Real_African_Stars

Model, Barbara Clotilde suffers wardrobe malfunction. See what Real African Stars had to say about it.

“Tory deh time short, but we must talkam Oh 0h.  Oh oh my God…” There is not much to say about this picture. It speaks for itself!

Cameroonian model, Barbara Clotilde , based in the US, has always been considered to be one of the best out of Cameroon. She has worked with many photographers in and out of Cameroon and has an impressive portfolio. She seems to be a nudist as she doesn’t hesitate to wear very daring dresses that put her body on display. This particular see through white dress she wore on her birthday  to dinner pulled a lot of attention. This pic caused a frenzy on social media. Different people had various opinions about her look. To more, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction to others she looked gorgeous. What caught our attention is this hilarious review by @real_african_stars on Instagram. Click to watch the video below. Let us know your take on this look in the comment section.

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237Gist: Zone 2 Rap expels Maahlox from the label

Zone 2 rap, the record label to which Maahlox was signed expel him from their midst.

Maahlox was accused of misconducts which are not in line with their rules and principles.

Zone 2 rap, the record label to which Maahlox was signed expels him from their midst.

Maahlox was accused of misconducts which are not in line with their rules and principles. Below is the message which was posted on their facebook page to announce the news.


Note d’information

Le Label de production musicale et artistique ZONE2RAP (Zone de RĂ©volution Artistique positive) annonce l’expulsion de l’artiste rappeur Maahlox LEVIBEUR au sein du Label ZONE2RAP.

Les faits qui lui sont reprochĂ©s sont d’ordre professionnel et idĂ©ologique.
L’artiste Maahlox LEVIBEUR Ă  fait l’objet Ă  maintes reprises d’un recadrage de la part du Label Ă  travers des Ă©changes et des rĂ©unions de crise vis Ă  vis de son Ă©loignement de l’idĂ©ologie de base du Label ZONE2RAP qui dĂ©fend les valeurs telles: la solidaritĂ©, la positivitĂ©, la constructivitĂ© entre autres… d’oĂč le slogan “l’avenir est Ă  nous…”


This happened  some days after his interview with Afrik2radio, during which he called out Stanley Enow. He is still to make a statement on this. Meanwhile, stay tuned to 237Xclusive as we would be bringing updates.



Maahlox speaks out on Tenor and Stanley Enow

Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow.

Maahlox‘s interview at radio Africa 2, was explicit, just like his lyrics.

In this video, Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow. In his opinion, Tenor is revolutionizing hip hop in Cameroon, as he came up with a style that no one had thought of before, and that’s it’s working great for him.

When asked why he doesn’t talk about himself, he said he doesn’t like when people give him fake “points”, that he’s honest with himself and want others to be honest with him as well and tell him straight up when he’s whack.

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As for Stanley Enow, he says that Stanley Enow is a big deception to the rap industry in Cameroon. He thinks started strong and was able to get big sponsors and all, but his music style became trash, which made him lose those endorsements. According to him,  Stanley Enow would’ve been one if not the biggest hip hop artist in Africa by now, reaching bigger platforms than the one he’s currently talking on. Also, Stanley fucked things up for other rappers, as those companies which endorsed him lost faith in the other rappers, seeing how Stanley flopped.

Watch the complete video of Maahlox’s interview!!!