Maahlox speaks out on Tenor and Stanley Enow

Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow.

Maahlox‘s interview at radio Africa 2, was explicit, just like his lyrics.

In this video, Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow. In his opinion, Tenor is revolutionizing hip hop in Cameroon, as he came up with a style that no one had thought of before, and that’s it’s working great for him.

When asked why he doesn’t talk about himself, he said he doesn’t like when people give him fake “points”, that he’s honest with himself and want others to be honest with him as well and tell him straight up when he’s whack.

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As for Stanley Enow, he says that Stanley Enow is a big deception to the rap industry in Cameroon. He thinks started strong and was able to get big sponsors and all, but his music style became trash, which made him lose those endorsements. According to him,  Stanley Enow would’ve been one if not the biggest hip hop artist in Africa by now, reaching bigger platforms than the one he’s currently talking on. Also, Stanley fucked things up for other rappers, as those companies which endorsed him lost faith in the other rappers, seeing how Stanley flopped.

Watch the complete video of Maahlox’s interview!!!


Welcome Baby Aninah Kellen Imani

Myra Maimoh one of Cameroon’s finest in the music industry is proud to introduce her #newangel #princess #babygirl, #babysister, Aninah Kellen Imani.

She weighs 8 pounds, and she is 21 inches tall. Aninah is the newest member of the Family and she has 2 siblings! She is already loved by the 237 family.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.05.34 AM

On her website she tell us about the great experience of this new life. Myra says and I quote…

“So we had this big little angel after 10hours of labor! Couldn’t be prouder of my little girl and my lovely team of support. . My #angel, Aninah Kellen Imani weighed over 8 pounds at 21 inches tall. One of the coolest things that I experienced this time around was the amazing after effect of spending the first hour having skin to skin time with baby: it actually helps hasten milk 🍼 flow and makes the belly contract like crazy.”

We have the babies exclusive pictures below, and they are so beautiful. We know she is already talented and will be an even better musician/artist like her mama! It’s all in the genes.

For more baby pics you can visit Myra’s website

As an artist, Myra could not be more proud of being a mother. We know she can handle all the pressure because she is a pro, and besides women are the real MVPs in life.
Myra says and I quote…

“Between breastfeeding, diaper changes, entertaining 3 kiddos under 4, working and keeping my house in top shape etc there are no dull moments in my life!”

We will continue to support Myra Maimoh on her journey as she reps 237. And we wish Myra all the best with motherhood.

Tzy Panchak is Mad 4 Yu’ Luv and Probably even more Mad at the Industry!

Tzy Panchak fires some clean shots to some unknown person(s) in the Industry.

Tzy Panchak fires some clean shots to some unknown person(s) in the Industry.

Some people think they can use their connections to block others in this Industry. Welldone Sir
Pray you use those connections to make heaven😂😂

It’s not certain to whom this was directed, but we all know there are so many people out to watch others fall rather than grow together.

tzy panchak

The Cameroon Entertainment Industry is no doubt still trying to get on its feet. Other African countries (Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, just to name a few) have become prominent in the African milieu, as well as being recognized worldwide. This is only possible through making the right connections.

Unlike other countries, most of our fellow Cameroonian citizens who are in better positions to help promote good talent think of themselves as semi-gods. We could do better if only we put down the pride and grow together.

“Something is really wrong somewhere”

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19 Years Old Kid Threatens Father with a Machete and a Farming Hoe!

It is barely 2 months now since we witnessed a brutal killing of a Mother by her son in Kumba South West Region of Cameroon, and the reasons are still not clear as to what happened.
This is Kelly a 19 years old kid from Batibo, North West Region of Cameroon. Kelly would rather be a Hunter or a palm nut harvester (Known locally as Cutting Mbanga). His father tried to advice him to do other wise by paying for various job for him to do, but Kelly will not abide.
Kelly instead of avoiding the scene took into his hands the power to threaten to hit his father with a farming hoe. Thanks to the Neighbours for coming to his rescue the story may have been different.

The following image was captured by Cyril Fonjong on a live facebook video Feed. You can see a crowd around Kelly advising him not to disrespect his father no more.

In as much as parent want the best for their kids, they need to be able to try to understand their kids, because there is always a reason why they do what they do. Brutality doesn’t help in a situation like this, not condoning the actions of Kelly.
Two wrongs don’t make a right. We need to learn that development involves a wide variety of individual differences. His passion may not be what his father wants him to do, and it cannot be imposed on him. Our society just needs a better education in situations like this.
But again Kelly’s actions threatening  his father was an act of violence punishable by law. They were right to take him to the Palace or the police.

Kids out there need to respect their parents and give them a reason to why they feel like they need to do what they want to do, and not try to harm them just because they think they are grown!

Kelly needs to thank God he was not set ablaze by the population, as this is a jungle justice commonly practiced by the angry mob.

Magasco Steals the Show at the U.S.A Kom Convention

Magasco Steals the Show at the U.S.A Kom Convention

Magasco was guest artist at The U.S.A Kom convention which took place over the weekend!

The Event started on Thursday June 15th with the launching of the Komnamites (A YOUTH GROUP), a traditional Friday night and a Gala on Saturday. All the way from 237 to represent at the occasion was the TRUE KOM SON Tohnain Anthony Nguo a.k.a MAGASCO. He was present adorned  in a very beautiful traditional regalia.
Other artists at the event were Missy BK a very talented lady known for her unique voice, and T. Nayah who also performed. Isn’t Kom just blessed to have such Talents?!


MAGASCO was recognized for his artistic work by the KOM people of the United States as He was given a named title only the Kom people can pronounce “Tchiekom“. Tchiekom is a title often given only to older folks but MAGASCO was honoured to have earned this title from his people. MAGASCO promised to “try his best” to be at every Kom convention to support and represent his people.

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Thanks to MAGASCO for his humble nature as he showed support and love for his culture. The lesson to be learned from MAGASCO‘s attitude towards his culture and people is to “Never forget where you come from.”

MAGASCO also had a good time in the US relaxing with family, friends, fans and also chopping monies!


Wait for his new releases coming soon!!





See Brenda Biya’s touching message to her best friend on #Bestfriendday

See Brenda Biya’s touching message to her best friend on #Bestfriendday

See Brenda Biya’s touching message to her best friend on #Bestfriendday

Screenshot_2017-06-09-08-23-32-1.pngIf you’ve been keeping up with Cameroon’s first daughter, Brenda Biya you would know Mina Eyango daughter of music legend, Ndedi Eyango, and herself are like finger and nail.  They are practically inseperable. On #best friend day, Mina and Brenda went all out on instagram expressing their heart felt feelings for each other. See their captions below…

Brenda Biya and Mina Eyango

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Brenda Biya and Mina Eyango


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237Gist: Tenor leaves War Machine Entertainment !

Tenor leaves War Machine Entertainment !

A-list artist, Tenor who has been making waves through out Africa and beyond put up a communiqué on his official face book page announcing he had left War Machine Entertainment; a record label owned by Dex Willy. Tenor affirmed the both separated on amicable terms. Now, Tenor who is currently on tour in Gabon  is now an independent artist.


Jovi fires Stanley Enow, Magasco and Pit Baccardi!

Most Cameroonians always look forward to Jovi’s rant sessions on twitter cuz oh well it’s always saucy

Most Cameroonians always look forward to Jovi‘s rant sessions on twitter cuz oh well it’s always saucy! This time around he calls Stanley Enow, Magasco and Pit Baccardi names. We all know there has been some bad air between Jovi and these other artist.

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As to what triggered him to do so is unknown to us. But we promise to keep you guys posted.

Jovi x Stanley Enow

Jovi x Stanley Enow


Stunning Pictures of Myra Maimoh.

One of the greatest joys in life is the miracle of conception, gestation and the birth of new life. A glowing Myra Maimoh recently shared pictures of a fast growing belly on her social media and website.


Myra bele

Myra Maimoh is like a flower in full bloom always radiating a sweet contagious essence. You just seem to always find a smile emanating from her mouth and the most inspiring words from her lips but altogether life has never been this picture perfect for her. In fact, Myra as she tells it has gone through a lot of experiences which have helped shape her to the positive person she is today.

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As they say with life, you can choose to be bitter or you can be better with your experiences and Myra Maimoh certainly chose the latter. She shares her message of healing, hope and encouragement in her sophomore album, Uniq.
Click on the Link below to get see more pic of this amazing woman.

Stanley Enow to feature popular American rapper on next release|| Click here to find out who

Stanley Enow to feature popular American rapper on his next release..

What’s popping people?! Am having a super busy day but couldn’t help but post this cuz it got me super excited! As you know we always have our ears to the ground. Y’all thought the King Kong, Stanley Enow went to America to play? Sorry to burst your bubbles ooo…. Stanley has been working so hard and he’s got alot of juice in store for us all as he keeps paving the way for other Cameroonian artists.Stanley Enow. 237Xclusive

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This time around a lil birdy whispered to us that Stanley was gonna be featuring an american rapper after watching the snippet below we think its Big Sean. Do you share the same point of view? This is just so amazing…. like am  so excited. I honestly can’t wait to see the outcome of this feature. Our team says more grease to you Stanley… Watch footage of a snippet below. Comment to let us know who you think it is.