Kiss Levray: The PR Guru Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

Over the years, Kiss Levray has not only managed to establish himself as an interesting character in the entertainment industry, but he has steadily outlined his brand in the PR world.

Growing up, the French Afro-American residing in the United States is a Libreville-born Gabonese who has spent a chunk of his childhood in Marseille, France.

A careful look at some photos of Kiss Levray, popularly known as “Frenchy Plug,” reveals that he truly stands out with his unique style and his usual charisma of a growing tycoon in the entertainment industry.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
Kiss Levray (Frenchy) – @Frenchytheplug

Over the years Levray has assembled quite an impressive portfolio. He has successfully established himself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment world; his expertise is an asset that allows him to easily connect artists and other celebrities with different platforms and structures.

An unrivaled portfolio

Currently working as an international strategist at Node Music, a Gabonese label, who would have imagined that Frenchy would one day become the executive manager behind the famous Gabonese artist J-Rio?

Managing talents and artists, and enabling them to attain the celebrity status in their careers, “the plug,” “the underground creator” are names he has come to answer to over the years.

His adventure began in Italy, where he met the famous Italian director Checco Zalone during an international festival in Milan in 2014. Checco and his partner Gennaro Nunziante were in search of a group of African actors who could appear in their film, “Que Vado.” As adept as he was, Kiss Levray put the directors in touch with a group of talented Africans living in Milan. A collaboration between the Italian directors and Levray was solidified which enabled him to gain their confidence.

At a later time in 2014, during “The Houston Fashion,” Levray met with the 1998 Miss Universe representative of Trinidad, Wendy Fitzwilliam and became a technical advisor to this professional model. He was responsible for organizing his events and exhibitions of her modeling career at the time.

Ever since, Levray has assisted this lady to build a sound career in modeling as well as, helped her attract some very lucrative contracts.

Meeting awesome people

Sometime later, he met the Congolese actress Vanessa Caxeiro, residing in France with whom he decided to work as an agent. He worked hard for this Congolese superstar to build a robust online presence for her. A year later in 2015, he met Charles Tabu who became his business partner.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

From booking international artists like Maitre Gims, Hiro, Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, DJ Arafat and a host of others, Charles Tabu was the strategist he needed to push his career in the entertainment world further.

Kiss Levray: From Frenchy to a Humanitarian

At the tender age of 22, Frenchy had begun to take a keen interest in humanitarian work; he had just started working in the entertainment industry at the time. Growing up, he had always wanted to help vulnerable people, a passion he has followed into his adulthood.

It was on July 23, 2015, that Frenchy had decided to take a break from the entertainment industry. With some partners, he established a foundation with a non-lucrative purpose called “The Foreigners International,” an international organization which supports vulnerable populations, such as refugees, immigrants, victims of human trafficking, abused minors, international students and people having an intellectual deficiency.

Since its inception, the Foreigners International has dedicated itself to provide families, children, individuals and communities with gadgets, strategic partnerships, advice, and technical assistance. The Foreigners International allows these vulnerable groups to increase their independence and productivity.

Kiss Levray stands at the forefront of this NGO through which he impacts communities by strengthening the capacities of vulnerable populations to facilitate the development of supportive communities that have a positive impact on the quality of life of community members. By partnering with front-line service providers, states, localities, and tribal communities, outsiders can identify and implement solutions that transcend traditional program boundaries and facilitate access to services through planning, reform, and integration.

At the UN’s DPI/NGO with the Foreigners International

On August 23 this year, more than 500 NGOs around the world participated in the 67th United Nations Department of Public Information and NGO Conference (DPI/NGO) at the UN headquarters in New York. Its aim was to emphasize the value of multilateralism in identifying and implementing global solutions for global problems.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm


Among these NGOs, was the “Foreigners International.” Its CEO Kiss Levray who headed the NGO also has a moving story that can inspire more than one.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
The Foreigners International: International humanitarian NGO

The seasoned CEO attended the 67th DPI/NGO conference to share his ideas and program strategies with more than 500 NGO representatives from 67 registered countries. And certainly, his project did not go unnoticed by the organizers of the conference, who praised the ideas and objectives set by Levray’s NGO.

As the conference drew to an end, Kiss Levray exited the complex structure with a huge smile on her face. Perhaps, ‘smile’ wasn’t the right word for it. The top row of his teeth was in plain sight, and there was a faint curve to his lips. On anyone else, it would be a grimace, at best. On this face, however, it was a sign of bliss.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

As Levray expressed, “I am pleased to support the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations efforts to empower others and leave no one behind. The United Nations pleads for humans day and night. I am honored to be part of that and to support these efforts together.”

When we look at his professional milestone, we cannot help but acknowledge the milestone he is slowly achieving for himself. He is definitely a force to reckon with both in the entertainment and humanitarian sectors. It remains only to wish good luck to this worthy son of Africa.


Meet Nanova, Cameroon’s Young Sensation Gradually Making Her Way up the Music Chart

Constellation Entertainment has a newly signed artist Ashime Nanova Afor, an Afropop/hip-hop sensation popularly known by her stage name NANOVA.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon’s Most Phenomenal Female Rapper/Singer
Born on September 11, 1995, Nanova hails from Oshie, Momo Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. She holds a BSc. in Agricultural Engineering from the College of Technology (ColTech), University of Bamenda.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist

Nanova and music

She has nursed a passion for music since the age of 5 and has nurtured it jealously till present. She listens to diverse genres of music and has a great mastery of songs released in Africa. Her music is influenced mostly by a couple of artists both home and abroad in the likes of Whitney Houston, Bebe Manga, Lapiro, Koto Bars, Rihanna, Drake, Patoranking and Tory Lanez. For Nanova, “Music to me is deep, it’s food for my inner being.”

Her discography

In 2014, the talented rapper and singer released her very first single titled “Broken” which was directed by Chuzih. Through this track, Nanova expressed the pain people go through when love comes knocking and the strength we need to fight back. A year later in 2015, she returned with the release of “Paple” still directed by Chuzih.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist
In 2016, she got signed to Black Baby Entertainment and dropped “Super Money,” a blend of Afro-Bikossa & Rap produced by Phillbill and directed by Nakan Ndi. This was followed by the release of “Her Majesty Cypher Vol 1” in June 2017.
Recently, she teamed up with Gee Reign (of blessed memory) to do a song titled “Dedication,” dedicated to all those who never gave up on their dreams.
Not too long after parting ways with Black Baby Entertainment, Nanova, however, got a new deal with Constellation Entertainment, an independent label which has been in operation since 2014 and incorporates both LIVINGSTONE 1980, NE.films and NE.Photography.
For the past few months, the singer/rapper has been busy refining her art to meet the specific needs of her fans and the music market universally. She is now set to hit the universal market as a refined product.

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist

Meet Nanova, Cameroon's Young Afropop/Hip-Hop Artist
Subscribe to her YouTube channel and stay tuned for a new page on her music journey.
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Link up with Nanova:

    • Facebook/YouTube: NANOVA
    • Instagram: @nanovaofficial
    • Twitter: @nanovaofficial

For more information, contact:

  • +237 677192964
  • Email:

237Profiles: Juicy details you didn’t know about Cameroonian Rap Head UL’8

Get Up, Close and Personal with UL’8 Aka Ultimate…


Born in Mbouda in the western region of Cameroon, Paul Atechi AKA UL’8 is raised in Douala. He is a young music lover interested in several genres including soul / afro beats among others, with a solid base of his culture and an obvious talent with a promising and brilliant future in the world of music. UL’8 discovered his love and passion for music vibrations very young, and on his early 20s is already established among the safe values of the game with several productions to his credit with some artists under his wing, and his work becoming more recognized including overseas. The young man has several hats, including producer, songwriter and now artist.

« I’m a very experienced person ,this happened from how we grew up in a
large family. Have to fight for yourself alone so you achieve your goals » says UL’8

His mum was Church singer, so blood of being a music lover comes from the roots which is her. We could describe his Music as a unique one as it is a mix of funk, R&B, afrobeat, hip hop and a bit of reggae and dancehall.

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He draws inspiration from every and anything! Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and most recently Jay.Z, just to name a few are musical icons that inspire him.  Young business-minded fellow with a hypnotic voice and unique sound, started his musical journey in 2016, moving to London, England to pursue a career,  UL’8 has taken his eclectic style to collaborate with his UK and European peers.


Right now we are in talks with one of the biggest UK stars And some others ones which he decides not to reveal their identities yet. Also with some others famous stars in Nigeria too so probably, there are many things going on.  With current album recording, artist projects developing, producer and songwriter, UL’8s dreams of becoming a world star, He believes in hard work and is willing to put in his best to be one of the best exports Africa has ever had.

When he is not in the studio Producing or recordings music he is home doing research about different types of businesses and music industry, watching movies etc.

While anticipating an official video for his latest single titled Fire Burn keep enjoying the audio which is available on all distribution platforms.

Get to know about Fitness queen, Uche Mba

Talk About Black Girl Magic! Instagram fitness model Uche Mba is quickly becoming a household name because of her truly amazing body and beautiful features.

Uche Mba

The pretty teen, Uche Mba has 36 inch hips,D cup breasts, and a 20 inch waist! The 19-year-old currently has almost 350,000 followers on Instagram and lives in New York. She’s consistently in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT) as well as Philadelphia.

Uche Mba

Uche began modeling in 2015 after receiving a lot of encouragement from her peers and is currently a student as well as making moves on social media with her banging body. According to Uche her incredible body is as a result of good exercise and a good diet. Uche also maintains daily gym activities which she shares with her Instagram followers.

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Uche says about her online fame: “As a budding model, I feel grateful for every opportunity and experience, for it helps my growth, not only as a model, but as a woman.”

Uche Mba

Catch up with her on Insta @uchemba_ and grab one or two fitNess lessons from her…

237Profiles: An Insight on Tino Foy – Why he should be considered one of Cameroon’s best writers. 

​Tino Foy, a Buea-based artist or used to be artist, albeit in his own words “now I do music just for fun”. With a degree in technological management and also music producing skills under his belt, it’s of no doubt that in the nearest future, Tino may be considered one of Cameroon’s best writers

Get to know more about Tino Foy the man behind a lot of witty articles on Poise Social …

Tino Foy, a Buea-based artist or used to be artist, albeit in his own words “now I do music just for fun”. With a degree in technological management and also  music producing skills under his belt, it’s of no doubt that in the nearest future, Tino may be considered one of Cameroon’s best writers!
Here’s what he has to say for himself in a brief interview that was carried out by our team.


237Xclusive: For how long have you been writing?

I’m not really sure but I have had to write a lot in my life. Most of the best stuff I have written have never left my computer. I have toyed with many forms of writing. I have movie scripts, short fictional stories and stuff like that, that I have never shared with anyone. I would say I started writing in the direction that many see on PoiseSocial in 2011 but I never took it seriously. I probably wrote about 10 or so articles on my blog before stoping. I have since deleted most of what I wrote on there. I have an article on there on How I made College (University) so easy for me and it got like 1000 reads in a day. That was in 2012 and when, it felt good but it didn’t mean anything to me. I didn’t even understand that I could use my writing to make an impact. I was just writing because I was bored with school at the time. As for my page PoiseSocial, it will be 8 months old on the 18th of March, 2018.

237Xclusive : Why did you take it up as a challenge to always CORRECT people’s mistakes( some do not know the mistakes they do till they read from your page)?

I’ve always been an unconventional kind of person and it has gotten me in trouble a lot. Because of that, I have been a loner for most of my life and it pushed me to acquire a lot of knowledge to comfortable do the thing that I do without being bullied by the opinions of the conventional mass. I had to make a case for what I am going the ‘wrong’ way so i needed concrete information to back it up, so I had to go out and get that information. I am never really trying to correct people. I mostly just give my own perspective and people compare that with what they get from other people and they think I am making sense. I love reading and I have been reading beyond my textbooks from a very young age – even before I was 10. I also have a wide range of interests so when you aggregate the knowledge I have in different fields, I guess it makes it that I can make connections between things that at face value might seem unrelated.

237Xclusive: What did you read in the university?

I studied Information Technology Management for my undergrad. I started an MBA but I quit towards the end. I thought having it will limit me and I think sitting in a classroom, in the same setting that I have sat for most of my life was not really teaching me anything I don’t know or couldn’t find out on my own. I made the decision in my life not to do things because that is what people do. To me, I needed real life experience and once I understood that, I did not want to waste another day in a classroom. I have been a student all my life. I had nothing else to prove in a classroom. The thing about classrooms is you can always go back to one even at the age of 90 but real life experience that you miss, you can’t get back.

237Xclusive: Why do you write and in your style?

I found out that people like to listen to me speak. They liked my ideas and I made them see things in a different way. Then I found out I am really good at writing too and it is a means of showing the world what I know. Writing to me is like my resume. I am at the point where I have decided not to ever send a resume to any company ever again. If you read what I write and you still need a resume from me, I think we will have trouble working together. I hate textbook mentalities. I think people love my style because it is natural. I really write from the heart and I am honest. I also do not talk about what I do not know or try to get people to do things I have not proven I can do myself. I quit my masters program with four courses left. For me it wasn’t helping me and I was not going to waste six months of my life just because I want to hang a piece of paper on my wall. There are people that I basically hand held through a masters program when I had not gotten my first degree. I did all their assignments and projects and they graduated and had their families come to celebrate with them. Yes, I got paid to do that and in the process, I lost all respect for a degree on paper. Some advice I give out in my writing is contrary to societal norms but I take my own advice all the time and that is why when I write them down you can feel the truth in them. I’m really unscripted.

237Xclusive: Wow what and interesting personality Tino Foy has. It was amazing having him on here. Good job and we hope to read more inspiring and well constructed articles from you in the future.

Thanks for having me, have a nice day!

237Profiles: Get to know Cameroonian Rapper, Ngoma

Popularly known for flowing in his mother tongue Ngemba, meet Ngoma…

He is called  Atanga Schneider Ngomah a.k.a “Ngoma“. He is a Cameroon-based HipHop and High life recording artist, born and raised in Limbe, though originally from ‘Awing’ in the North West Region, Cameroon.
This talented Cameroonian rapper has a Unique sound and his creativity is demonstrated in his rap style which combines the local 90’s sound with urban contemporary style, thus producing Art. His rap comprises of four languages, i.e English, French, ‘Pidgin’ English and Ngemba (his native tongue) demonstrating his lyrical strength & unique rap style.
Ngoma Cameroonian rapper
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Already with four singles and videos out, Ngoma is an Artistic genius with upcoming singles that will sweep the nation. We first got to discover him way back in 2014 when he dropped his first single Afe Nkap. Subsequently after a long break, came SDCC (Sort de ce corps), then we had Ekie. Recently he released a banger titled Mangosi ft Kikoh and Nernos. Giving that he as a solo artist (not signed to any label) You may agree with me that the fact that he takes alot of time to release a song he making sure to dot all the “i”s and cut all the “t”s is one detail he has to be applauded for.
Ngoma Cameroon
Stay tuned to 237Xclusive to get all the latest scoops on his career. Follow him on social media via the following handles
Facebook: @Ngoma
Twitter: @iAmNgoma
Instagram: @iAmNgoma
Photo credit: Studio XL

#237XclusiveMCM: 237Xclusive meets Tenor

He is young, vibrant, energetic and talented… He has been electrifying stages around Africa for the past months and today we are honoured to have such a great talent on our platform. Meet Mr Le Fiang Le way Le Yamo AKA Tenor! Without much ado let’s get down to business…



237xclusive : Hi Tenor and welcome to our platform. First we would like to know; What are your real names?

Tenor : Hello 237Xclusive. Thank you… hahaha well that’s a popular question…my real names are Mengoum Ayea Thierry

237xclusive : That’s a “Beti” name I guess. How did the name Tenor come about ?

Tenor : Well back in the days…I used to be in a church choir…where I got my inspiration to become a musician…and I used to sing in the Third part..the Tenor part…so I just found e name ideal for my music career because that was my foundation. But yet TENOR also signifies “Toucher l’Exellence de la Negritude Ordiner du Rap”.

237xclusive : Wonderful! It’s amazing how a simple name could have such a meaningful acronym. I would never have guesses even in the wildest dreams. Before being a musician, were you and what were your dreams?

Tenor : Eurrr…before being Tenor , Ayea Thierry was just a student at the Lycee Technique d’Edea. I studied Marketing and communication unfortunately I couldn’t write the baccalaureate exams cause I was out of the Country performing at a concert. In my childhood I’ve always wanted to be a musician. To Excel in music. That was my only dream. It’s true I could do other things but I don’t think there’s anything I can do better than music and with as much love and energy.

237xclusive : Mr Le Fiang Le way Le yamo. What does that really mean?

Tenor: Hahaha…like every artist, that’s my own signature..Le Fiang where I’m from means “La Sauce” or food…Le way is “Les Bad things..” and all together on yamo.. “ we enjoy both”.


237xclusive : How do you feel out of war machine…and was it the end of your contract or you just decided to leave? Also, do u intend continuing on your own or getting signed again?

Tenor : Well…my business with War Machine was not a contract. It was more like a family. An elder brother who wanted to help his little brother. And like in every family the son would want to gain his independence. That’s exactly what happened. And on getting signed all depends on the opportunities that show up but for now I’m just interested in giving out good music.


237xclusive: So Mr Le Fiang…do you intend doing music all your life or do you plan on starting up a business..?

Tenor: I’ve actually been thinking of this and for sure I’ll start up a business…a business in music..In some years to come..even if I’m not a rapper..I’ll still be somewhere around the music world because that’s where I belong.

237xclusive : Thanks you so much for the exclusive interview and we wish you well in your career.

Tenor : the pleasure is mine… thank you too

#MCM: Meet Gervais Ngongang, Co-founder, Big Dreams Entertainment

Today we have another talented person on our platform. He is a great Influence in the 237 Entertainment Industry… Am talking about Gervais Ngongang, Co-founder and manager of Big Dreams Entertainment; one of the leading record labels in Cameroon.Gervais Ngongang


237Xclusive: Welcome Gervais and thanks for having us. First we will like to know; How did you get into music management ?

Gervais: I have been into fashion and entertainment for a long time just didn’t take it seriously until a few years ago. I worked with a clothing line “Jasaïd” so I had to contact artists and labels to put the brand in their video clips…I worked with friends like Jovi, Numerica, X Maleya.

237Xclusive: As a talent manager, what are the attributes you look for when scouting for artists?

Gervais: The first thing is we are not looking for stars, so if you are already a star, we cannot work with you. We are simply looking for humility, talent and hard work. Hard work because I cannot define and artist with one song. I have to listen to more than just one song before I can sign you. They could be songs, freestyles or cover …I just have to listen to more. Maybe you also have to be young so that we can have the same vision. It’s not a main attribute but it’s important.

Gervais Ngongang

237Xclusive: You recently did a commercial for a trade mark in Ivory Coast – Heart Angel. How do you handle talent management and modeling at the same time?

Gervais: Well , I can’t say I’m a model anymore, and this brand in question belongs to the Co-founder of Big Dreams . This is how we met ; We met in front of a catwalk and he asked me to work with him..he wanted me to be his model and I accepted so we started working…3 years ago when I wanted to start up with Big Dreams, I told him that I have and artist I want him to dress and he accepted. Then we continued together and got bigger. That artist is Locko.

Gervais Ngongang

237Xclusive: After the Canal D’or awards, your very good friend Jason Saïdou Diakite (CEO of Jasaïd ) uploaded a video reminding you of how “it” all started . Can you tell us more about it?

Gervais: The truth is when I met Locko I was working with Jasaïd. I met Locko at a concert and I approached him because I loved what he was doing. As time went on , I proposed to Jason to start up a music part of Jasaïd so that we could promote Locko but he wasn’t ready, he told me “J’aime bien Arthur, j’aime ça musique, j’aime ce qu’il fait, mais en ce moment je ne suis pas prê veux me concentrer sur les vêtements” . So I went on alone and that is how I gradually diverted from Jasaïd to Big Dreams. We still work together though not officially but we help each other from time to time.Gervais Ngongang


Thanks for having us Gervais, was a pleasure talking to you. We wish you the best in your career, have a good day

Producers and singers extraordinaire, Rythmz is our #237XclusiveMCM this week!

MCM: Meet the Rythmz, one of Cameroon’s Hottest Duo!

Today we will be throwing the spot light on the Rythmz

MCM: Meet the Rythmz, one of Cameroon’s Hottest Duo!

Today we will be throwing the spot light on the Rythmz. A Cameroonian duo that specializes in a new genre of African music trending all over Central Africa called Afro-Bikossa (a blend of Bikutsi, Makossa and Afropop). Diyani Bill Munyenge and Fongap Etienne Nkeng in their 20s, make up this amazing duo. Their story is one of talent, hard work and constant improvement. They are not only good vocalist put producers as well.

These two have come a long way in the music industry and are responsible for a good number of hit songs from Cameroon like Le gars la est Laid by Mink’s, Doumba by X Maleya, Dona by Mimie and many others. For a while now they have concentrated on the production part of their craft.

In a bid to quench their fans thirst released new single titled Boboloh. Rythmz after terminating their record deal with one of Cameroon’s biggest record label XM Music recently signed a deal with Empire Company.

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We aren’t too sure of the nature of this deal as no official press release was put out to announce the news. Some say its a distribution deal others think its a record deal. We hope they will clarify our doubts in the nearest future. 237Xclusive wishes you a lovely week do not forget to drop comments below. xoxo

Models: @Rythmz

Photography: @Studio ’89

Beauty & Purpose : Belinda Bessem is our WCW of the week!

Model Belinda Bessem is Breath-taking in New Birthday Shoot!

Belinda Bessem is one of the few models taking Cameroon by Storm this year!

Model Belinda Bessem is Breath-taking in New Birthday Shoot!

Belinda Bessem is one of the few models taking Cameroon by Storm this year! With a speedily growing portfolio she doesn’t stop to amaze us at every given opportunity. Her modeling career officially took a turning point when she became  2nd runner-up Miss Arts and Culture last year. She then went on to join the Fredash Modelling Agency and became Face of FIAFA 2017.

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She also, is 3rd Runner up Miss Tourism, Cameroon, 2017. 237Xclusive today not only wishes her a Happy Birthday but much success in her career as well. One word for the beauty queen?

Model: Belinda (@blinda70)
Make up : Embellish makeovers ( @embellish_quincy)

Photography @cmrstudio_89

All pictures provided to 237Xclusive by Cmrstudio_89