Whoop! Delphine Itambi’s ” Cite Malingo ” premieres on HiTV Cameroon

After several months of anticipation, ” Cite Malingo ”, a collaboration between Itambi Studios and HiTV Cameroon has made its TV Debut.

Yass! Delphine Itambi has shared that Cite Malingo’s first episode made its debut yesterday on HiTV Cameroon.

Cite Malingo is a situational comedy produced by HItv Cameroon and Directed by Itambi Delphine. This TV-show tells a story of how a group of University students live their lives in their Hostel, Cite Malingo.

The comedy series combines different people with their various distinct characters, and different ways on how they view success and failure. In every hostel, you will find the good, bad, and ugly characters. People who have conflicts, those who love, and those who try to take life the way it comes.

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The director, Itambi Delphine assures the Cameroonian population that this series will be thrilling and interesting. You will find love, misunderstandings and Romance in Cite Malingo. It stars young actors like Raphael Tambe, Helen NchungGordisz Fungwa, and Modesta Forkwa and guest appearances from Oboy Da Comic, Askia Karen, and Sparx davirus. The shoot wrapped up on September 25th, and all the episodes were shot in Malingo, Buea.

The movie director shared the news on her Facebook wall, revealing the wonderful news on this project which had been in the works for months.

Watch the First Episode below. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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