Daphne Reacts to Fans About Her Indecent Dress Code

Daphne’s response to her fans regarding her dress code

In the entertainment industry, every artist comes with their own style. For Daphne, her style is embedded in her dressing.

Daphne’s response to her fans regarding her dress code

Cameroon’s diva and music star, Daphne, few days ago, responded to her fans worry about her dressing. Daphne made it known that nothing has changed about her dressed code. The superstar made her fans to understand that who she is today is the person she has always been.

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The star who began her music career by singing in a choir, explained on her Facebook page that she hasn’t changed at all. She went further telling the public that she wore short dresses even in church. So her dress code of today isn’t as a result of her success in the entertainment industry.

“I remember in form 5, my uncle burnt all my skirts because he said they were too short” she said.

According to her, she hasn’t been influenced by any circumstances and just want to do music the way she loves with the mixture of sexy, sensuality and all she wishes to be. Besides, from the very beginning, she didn’t get into the industry as a decent dresser.

However, dressing well, looking good, or being sexy isn’t all about exposing one’s nakedness. A look at acts like Alicia Keys, Jordin Sparks, and a host of others, reveal just how very sexy they are, yet decent. Locally, Charlotte Dipanda is cute, sexy, and decent at the same time. The long and short of it is that at times, artists just need to give a listening ear to their fans. For one thing, fans play a great role in every celebrity’s life.

The industry has its highs and lows and artists won’t always meet all the requirements of their fans.

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