Get Ready for the Douala Hip-Hop Festival: Central Africa’s Biggest Hip-Hop Festival

Since its inception in 2011, the Douala Hip-Hop Festival has hosted some of the pillars of African Hip-Hop. Over the years, it has grown but never strayed from its mission of celebrating Cameroonian and international acts. Regarded as Central Africa’s biggest Hip-Hop festival, the eighth edition of this festival will hold from December 27 to 30, 2018, at the Prince de Bali Parks in Douala.

The Douala Hip-Hop Festival is an important event in the urban cultures of the Central African sub-region. For nearly 8 years now, it brings together various actors in the music industry, but also those of the world of fashion. With a great experience gleaned over the years, this festival of urban cultures is the major meeting place for the expression and exhibition of artistic know-how in the Central African sub-region.


Since its first edition, as well as those that followed, this festival has become an unmissable event in Central Africa. It’s a reputation acquired over time by offering festival-goers a variety of activities. But above all, a rich scene of artists chosen from among the best. Positioned at the crossroads of cultural crossbreeding and the promotion of art in Africa, it will host several artists from the Central African sub-region and beyond.

A good selection of artists invited to make this edition a convivial, warm and unforgettable moment, an army of artists will rush in from Francophone Africa, North Africa and Canada.


Like in the other editions, a crown of honor will fall on a legend ‒ an artist who has marked the world of urban music in Cameroon.

The roots of the Douala Hip-Hop Festival

In 2010, the cultural company ARGLO in partnership with the Green Grass association, created the Douala Hip-Hop Festival. The aim was to celebrate local Cameroonian and international acts. Activities during the first edition of the festival centered around music (Hip-Hop mainly), the Street Wear, the Graffiti and DJ Ying. To say the least, the essential thing was for artists to participate with an overflowing passion.

In 2012, the festival initiated the Hip-Hop Legend. The idea was to honor an artist who has marked the world of urban music in Cameroon. In a dynamic opening, a sponsor accompanies the festival. This is a figure having marked the African music in general and Cameroon in particular. Krotal was the first legend followed by Koppo, Sadrake from Negrissi’m, Boudor and Lady B in 2017.


Over the years, the Douala Hip-Hop Festival (DHF) has not only become a privileged scene contributing to the development of Hip-Hop but also, to other musical and artistic trends.

Amongst a host of other prominent artists, Cameroonian big names like Mr Leo, Locko, Tenor, Mink’s, Askia, Salatiel, Gasha, will grace this event.


Built into this 4-day event are Live Concerts, a StreetWear Market, Street Dance, Street Art Performances, Workshops, Digital African Art Market, and Professional Workshops. To allow festival-goers combine business with pleasure, there will be a space reserved for gastronomy and drinks.


It’s, therefore, not hard to see why over 5,000 festival-goers attend this event year in, year out.

Bringing together hundreds of festival-goers, numerous music professionals and multi-talented artists, the Douala Hip-Hop Festival is one of the favorite events for Hip-Hop fans in Central Africa.


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