237Gist: Dynastie Le Tigre puts aside beef with Maahlox and rallies support for his Paposy concert

Dynastie Le Tigre happens to have squashed his beef with Maahlox as he not only rallies support for the later’s upcoming concert but promises to be there…

Dynastie Le Tigre - Maahlox A few months back, Dynastie Le Tigre and Maahlox got into a beef which errupted during a music Festival organised by Lady Ponce in Yaounde. Dynastie that night offered a live performance something the crowd clearly wasn’t used to and didn’t enjoy so he was booed. The agile crowd kept on asking for Maahlox and Dynastie out of anger said he wouldn’t sing music full of obscene language to please them. Maahlox in turn got on stage and started his performance by using obscene language on Dynastie.
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Dynastie replied with a police convocation and how the matter ended we do not know. A few days ago, Dynastie took to his facebook page to share a flyer of Maahlox’s upcoming Paposy concert and not only urged his fans to show up but promised to be there as well.

Dynastie Le Tigre - Maahlox
We hope this is a sign that they’ve made up!

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