237Profile: Meet One of Cameroon’s Biggest Fashion Influencers, Manlikeclix

Manlikeclix is Cameroon’s biggest Fashion influencer,  Style consultant and the Creative Director at Alessandro Veneto with over 100k followers on Instagram.

Today we got him on an interview to tell us more about him:

Hi Good afternoon Manlikeclix 
Good Afternoon 
Please tell us your real names
My Name is Gwei Noel Yengong
Where do you Originate from?
I was born in Cameroon in the town of Bamenda 
Where are you based?
Based between Berlin- Germany and London England
How long have you lived abroad?
About 15years lol 
Can you enlighten us on your activities; business-wise? Many people are curious to know 
Wow, a lot I do a lot. I am a Digital Marketer, an entrepreneur, an investor, a style consultant also a creative director for an Italian company called Alessandro Veneto
Impressive! Tell us about the Fashion side of your profession. What inspires you inspires you?
Life lol, Well actually grew up next to an uncle called Spee Arts who in my opinion was the greatest arts painter Cameroon ever had. He used to dress totally different from everyone, as a kid his style had a huge impact on me and I literally started creating my own lane in the fashion world. Fela Kuti also plays a part in my fashion inspiration. Oh! The movie Godfather as well.

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After having achieved so much, what are your future plans?
My biggest dream is to have at least 30 companies and employ at least 189 youths before I am 35yrs old. This will be my way of supporting Africa and taking kids off the streets.
Do do you plan to do something apart from what you are already doing? 
Sure looking forward to venturing into real estate in Cameroon. I also intend to impact the entertainment sector by starting a music record label. A Lil bit of acting would be an icing on the cake.
What advice do you have for the younger ones looking up to you as a mentor
It only takes 4 things, Clean heart, Believe, Consistency and hard work
What are your social media handles?
Instagram: @manlikeclix
Facebook: The Noel Closet
Website: www.TheNoelcloset.com
Thanks for taking out time to chat and banter with us. It was really nice to get to know you and we are looking forward to meeting you in person when you come back home for a proper interview.
Thank you 237xclusive it’s always my pleasure and thanks for promoting the country’s culture.

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