Fashion Spotlight: Meet One of Cameroon’s Biggest Fashion Influencers @manlikeclix

We were opportuned to catch up with Fashion Influencer extra-ordinaire, @manlikeclix. @manlikeclix is Cameroon’s biggest Fashion influencer, Style consultant and the Creative Director at Alessandro Veneto. Here’s how our chit-chat went down.


 Very often we’ve come across the word influencer, to some extend we feel like the word is being vulgarised. Who is an Influencer? Do people just tag along the name cuz it’s a new trend or do they really understand the meaning? We were opportuned to catch up with Fashion Influencer extra-ordinaire, @manlikeclix. @manlikeclix is one of Cameroon’s biggest Fashion influencers,  Style consultant and the Creative Director at Alessandro Veneto with over 100k followers on Instagram . During our chit-chat we came across alot of insightful info on his person.

The very elegant, @manlikeclix

Thanks for agreeing to talk to us. Good afternoon Clix.

 Good Afternoon

If we may ask, what are your real names ?

 My Name is Gwei Noel Yengong

From the content, we see on your page, you seem to be deeply rooted. What are your origins?

I grew up in Cameroon, in the town of Bamenda

Where are you based currently?

Somewhere in between Berlin- Germany and London England. Hahaha, I share my life between these places mostly.

How long have you lived abroad?

About 15years lol

Your Instagram bio says you are an Influencer. What exactly is it that you do? Just like us we are sure people are curious to know

Wow, a lot… I do a lot! I’m not just an influencer,  I am a Digital Marketer, an entrepreneur, an investor, a style consultant and a creative director for an Italian company called Alessandro Veneto

Tell us about the fashion side of your professional life. How did you work your way to the top as an influencer? What inspires you?

Life l would say. I grew up next to an uncle called Spee Arts who in my opinion, was the greatest arts painter Cameroon ever had.  He used to dress totally different from everyone, seeing that as a kid kind of had an impact on me.  I would say he “influenced me”. When I grew one, one step at a time, I started creating my own lane in the fashion world. Fela Kuti also played a huge part in influencing my fashion style and oh the movie God father lol…

What are your plans after recording so much success?

My biggest dream is to have at least 30 companies and employ at least 189 youths before I am 35yrs old. This will be my way of supporting Africa by not only providing employment but also taking kids off the streets.

Being an entrepreneur, do you have any other business? Or is there any other domain that might tickle your fancy?

Sure, in the business domain I plan to invest in real estate in Cameroon and open a record label. I will be making movie and music video appearances for some projects a couple of friends will be working.  

What advice do you have for a young Cameroonian or African looking up to you?

 It only takes 4 things; Clean heart, Believe, Consistency and hard work

Can we have your social media handles?

Instagram: @manlikeclix

Facebook: The Noel Closet


Without much ado, we’ll be ending this chi-chat here. It was nice having a deep insight on your person. We look forward to having you again in the nearest future.

 Thank you 237Xclusive it’s always my pleasure and thanks for promoting the country’s culture.

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