237Gist: How Misleading the word “Support” is to The Cameroonian Entertainment Community

How important is our support to entertainers

How important is our support towards Entertainers in Cameroon?

Support to Entertainers in Cameroon

Recently a video of David Adeleke AKA as Davido has been circulating the internet. This video which was got from Stanley Enow‘s Snapchat story featured David talking about supporting our OWN. Unfortunately, this video was misinterpreted by a lot of Cameroonians, translated into many other languages (that’s Cameroon for us).

Now let’s talk support in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry. Every day we see posts online screaming “support your own”; do we actually support our own? What is the right way to show support? Is it by ranting support online without actually doing anything to help?

In our opinion support towards an entertainer will be to buy and consume their art. Also,  attend events organized around their art, give them they love and respect they deserve!

Let’s use Vanessa Monjoa’s case against Les Brasseries Du Cameroon as a Case Study

Recently a campaign with the hashtag was started by a journalist, Dulafe Valery. In this campaign, he implored on the Cameroonian community to support him in calling out Les Brasseries du Cameroon. The former was in a bid to get Brasseries to pay up the money promised to this lady who emerged as the winner of the Mutzig Star Competition in 2017. This campaign took a wild turn on Facebook at short notice as influencers and online junkies. They did not hesitate to lend their support towards what they considered a just cause.  Though some remained unbothered reason being the lady in question hadn’t said anything about the issue at hand.

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The big question is, how did that support end up? Vanessa took to her Facebook to announce she has no issues with Les Brasseries du Cameroun and she didn’t ask anyone to fight for her. Some people felt like the said write up didn’t come from her. Then again what can we do? Do we have to force our support on entertainers? Why didn’t she stop Valery when he started the campaign? Why wait for so long to make a statement?

This is just one of the cases in which entertainers have either misused or misjudged our support. What is the real meaning of support when t comes to them?  That brings us back to the topic of this article how important is our support to these entertainers?

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