Cameroonian Spoken Word Artist iGeraud Drops His Second Short Film, “Resilience”

Cameroonian Spoken Word Artist iGeraud Drops His Second Short Film, “Resilience”

After releasing his first short film last year, Cameroonian spoken word artist, iGeraud drops another short film titled Resilience. Produced by Nkeng Payne and scripted by iGeraud, this short film was published on October 21, 2018. It explicitly denounces war and calls for peace in a dying society.

Writing from his experience of the devastation and violence of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, iGeraud paints a vivid picture of the gruesome killings and hostilities perpetrated in the country’s two English-speaking regions. He speaks from the perspective of the oppressed, asking that there be change.

Despite being grateful for the ‘peace’ the country has had for the past decades, he tries not to blame anybody for the sad situations he sees or feels.

As tears roll down his eyes like melting ice from Antartica, he calls on oppressing leaders to free Africa and its people from oppression. Still, in this short film, he hits hard on issues like global warming plaguing Africa. He laments the fact that Cameroonians die like flies.

What’s the purpose of Resilience?

According to iGeraud, “it’s a souvenir to remind me of the days I will get up in the morning, and fall down on my knees to pray for Cameroon.”

He ends by expressing his happiness for being a proud Cameroonian. And proud to be in “this jungle of praise singers, backstabbers and ass kissing citizens.”

Full of emotions and strong-worded messages for peace passed across in an undulating flow of soft music, this piece certainly has a soul.

This piece is full of thought-provoking words that will make you question what’s going on in Cameroon. Resilience delves into the innermost depth of your thoughts and shines the light on social injustice in the country. Listen, learn, download, and practice resilience during this perilous times and don’t forget to drop your comments below.

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