It’s about being different: Xania Entertainment presents its first musical comedy in Cameroon

Xania Entertainment & Communication presents The Magic Fountain, 24th June 2017 its premiere production musical comedy on the main stage of the French Institute in Douala.

Xania Entertainment & Communication presents The Magic Fountain, 24th June 2017 its premiere production musical comedy on the main stage of the French Institute in Douala.

Written and produced by XANIA an international recording pop artist, songwriter, producer, and creative entrepreneur. The comedy will feature a cast of diverse young talents between the age of 12 to 17 years old that will include five local and national singers and eight dancers.
It tells the story of a brave little baker called HIYENA and her friends that have physical differences but a common passion for music. She embarks on a journey together with her friends to stay true and achieve their dreams despite her shortcomings and fight against rivalry while inspiring others along their path. Along with vibrant and exciting music it digs into the mysterious Cameroonian heritage, culture and tradition that brings out techniques including first aids, emergency, and security tips. With the help of an oracle that draws its source from a fountain, this thrill ride comedy with colourful costumes is about celebrating difference achieving one’s dreams given adverse situations and having magical moments with family and friends.
“I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you the very first look of the new musical comedy The Magic Fountain. This play is close to my heart as I was inspired by a little boy and girl that got me asking myself what it would be like to have difficulties to be understood” said XANIA. “It proves that being different is a strength, meaning you are brave enough to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you look like everyone else. I’m humbled and grateful to all the people who bring their support. Let’s bring back magic to the kids and families in Cameroon”
XANIA was born in Barbuda and raised in Cameroon . She relocated to the UK at a very tender age where she started her music career as a pop country singer and writer. XANIA has worked in different projects and many successful production sets with record producers like Hilly Michaels and Brian Pothier. Where she released the hit single RAIN that had positive reviews and marked its debut at #20 Reverbnation Country UK chart. XANIA came to Cameroon to extend her entertainment company that aims to bring in her expertise to create contents and highlight young talent hence The Magic Fountain.
Production team includes Xania (arts director and producer), Lionel Manga (script), Henri Benamou (chorographer), Divers Auteurs, Hilly Michaels (music and set up), Beryl Ann A (Costumes), Romuald Dikome (graphic designer), Diot Sebastien (sound engineer), Michel Reboux, XXL Light Event (lighting), Eddy Banen (video and filming).
PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE 24TH JUNE 2017 TICKETS: Kids tickets start at XAF 20,000 Adult: XAF 30, 000
Family tickets (5 people) start at XAF 120,000
Corporate tickets (not more than 10 people) at XAF 225,000 DISCOUNTS:
Early buyers get a 55% discounts, purchase of two family tickets, get an additional member free.
REFRESHMENTS: Snacks and beverages sold. CONTACT:
Phone +237 672 86 64 47

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