Former Miss Tanzania injured by husband over cheating allegations

Former Miss Tanzania, Jackline Chuwa is nursing injuries after she was badly clobbered by her husband of two months.

According to sources intimate to the former beauty queen, Jackline Chuwa’s hubby got wind of her philandering ways from a neighbour and decided to go and witness for himself.

Well, all hell broke loose after her hubby, identified as Leonis Ngasa caught the former beauty queen red-handed, an act that set him off the hook.

”The husband was informed that his wife was with someone else near Tabata High School. He went there running and caught his wife red handed.” the source revealed.

According to the source who witnessed the whole situation, the man who was with the former beauty queen fled when things heated up.

Jackline Chuwa was then beaten by her hubby badly and acquired some serious injuries which forced the same hubby to rush her to hospital for medical care.

Source: Tuko News

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