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Born in Mbouda in the western region of Cameroon, Paul Atechi AKA UL’8 is raised in Douala. He is a young music lover interested in several genres including soul / afro beats among others, with a solid base of his culture and an obvious talent with a promising and brilliant future in the world of music. UL’8 discovered his love and passion for music vibrations very young, and on his early 20s is already established among the safe values of the game with several productions to his credit with some artists under his wing, and his work becoming more recognized including overseas. The young man has several hats, including producer, songwriter and now artist.

« I’m a very experienced person ,this happened from how we grew up in a
large family. Have to fight for yourself alone so you achieve your goals » says UL’8

His mum was Church singer, so blood of being a music lover comes from the roots which is her. We could describe his Music as a unique one as it is a mix of funk, R&B, afrobeat, hip hop and a bit of reggae and dancehall.

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He draws inspiration from every and anything! Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and most recently Jay.Z, just to name a few are musical icons that inspire him.  Young business-minded fellow with a hypnotic voice and unique sound, started his musical journey in 2016, moving to London, England to pursue a career,  UL’8 has taken his eclectic style to collaborate with his UK and European peers.


Right now we are in talks with one of the biggest UK stars And some others ones which he decides not to reveal their identities yet. Also with some others famous stars in Nigeria too so probably, there are many things going on.  With current album recording, artist projects developing, producer and songwriter, UL’8s dreams of becoming a world star, He believes in hard work and is willing to put in his best to be one of the best exports Africa has ever had.

When he is not in the studio Producing or recordings music he is home doing research about different types of businesses and music industry, watching movies etc.

While anticipating an official video for his latest single titled Fire Burn keep enjoying the audio which is available on all distribution platforms.

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