Kiss Levray: The PR Guru Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

Over the years, Kiss Levray has not only managed to establish himself as an interesting character in the entertainment industry, but he has steadily outlined his brand in the PR world.

Growing up, the French Afro-American residing in the United States is a Libreville-born Gabonese who has spent a chunk of his childhood in Marseille, France.

A careful look at some photos of Kiss Levray, popularly known as “Frenchy Plug,” reveals that he truly stands out with his unique style and his usual charisma of a growing tycoon in the entertainment industry.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
Kiss Levray (Frenchy) – @Frenchytheplug

Over the years Levray has assembled quite an impressive portfolio. He has successfully established himself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment world; his expertise is an asset that allows him to easily connect artists and other celebrities with different platforms and structures.

An unrivaled portfolio

Currently working as an international strategist at Node Music, a Gabonese label, who would have imagined that Frenchy would one day become the executive manager behind the famous Gabonese artist J-Rio?

Managing talents and artists, and enabling them to attain the celebrity status in their careers, “the plug,” “the underground creator” are names he has come to answer to over the years.

His adventure began in Italy, where he met the famous Italian director Checco Zalone during an international festival in Milan in 2014. Checco and his partner Gennaro Nunziante were in search of a group of African actors who could appear in their film, “Que Vado.” As adept as he was, Kiss Levray put the directors in touch with a group of talented Africans living in Milan. A collaboration between the Italian directors and Levray was solidified which enabled him to gain their confidence.

At a later time in 2014, during “The Houston Fashion,” Levray met with the 1998 Miss Universe representative of Trinidad, Wendy Fitzwilliam and became a technical advisor to this professional model. He was responsible for organizing his events and exhibitions of her modeling career at the time.

Ever since, Levray has assisted this lady to build a sound career in modeling as well as, helped her attract some very lucrative contracts.

Meeting awesome people

Sometime later, he met the Congolese actress Vanessa Caxeiro, residing in France with whom he decided to work as an agent. He worked hard for this Congolese superstar to build a robust online presence for her. A year later in 2015, he met Charles Tabu who became his business partner.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

From booking international artists like Maitre Gims, Hiro, Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, DJ Arafat and a host of others, Charles Tabu was the strategist he needed to push his career in the entertainment world further.

Kiss Levray: From Frenchy to a Humanitarian

At the tender age of 22, Frenchy had begun to take a keen interest in humanitarian work; he had just started working in the entertainment industry at the time. Growing up, he had always wanted to help vulnerable people, a passion he has followed into his adulthood.

It was on July 23, 2015, that Frenchy had decided to take a break from the entertainment industry. With some partners, he established a foundation with a non-lucrative purpose called “The Foreigners International,” an international organization which supports vulnerable populations, such as refugees, immigrants, victims of human trafficking, abused minors, international students and people having an intellectual deficiency.

Since its inception, the Foreigners International has dedicated itself to provide families, children, individuals and communities with gadgets, strategic partnerships, advice, and technical assistance. The Foreigners International allows these vulnerable groups to increase their independence and productivity.

Kiss Levray stands at the forefront of this NGO through which he impacts communities by strengthening the capacities of vulnerable populations to facilitate the development of supportive communities that have a positive impact on the quality of life of community members. By partnering with front-line service providers, states, localities, and tribal communities, outsiders can identify and implement solutions that transcend traditional program boundaries and facilitate access to services through planning, reform, and integration.

At the UN’s DPI/NGO with the Foreigners International

On August 23 this year, more than 500 NGOs around the world participated in the 67th United Nations Department of Public Information and NGO Conference (DPI/NGO) at the UN headquarters in New York. Its aim was to emphasize the value of multilateralism in identifying and implementing global solutions for global problems.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm


Among these NGOs, was the “Foreigners International.” Its CEO Kiss Levray who headed the NGO also has a moving story that can inspire more than one.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
The Foreigners International: International humanitarian NGO

The seasoned CEO attended the 67th DPI/NGO conference to share his ideas and program strategies with more than 500 NGO representatives from 67 registered countries. And certainly, his project did not go unnoticed by the organizers of the conference, who praised the ideas and objectives set by Levray’s NGO.

As the conference drew to an end, Kiss Levray exited the complex structure with a huge smile on her face. Perhaps, ‘smile’ wasn’t the right word for it. The top row of his teeth was in plain sight, and there was a faint curve to his lips. On anyone else, it would be a grimace, at best. On this face, however, it was a sign of bliss.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

As Levray expressed, “I am pleased to support the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations efforts to empower others and leave no one behind. The United Nations pleads for humans day and night. I am honored to be part of that and to support these efforts together.”

When we look at his professional milestone, we cannot help but acknowledge the milestone he is slowly achieving for himself. He is definitely a force to reckon with both in the entertainment and humanitarian sectors. It remains only to wish good luck to this worthy son of Africa.


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