237Discovery: Get to know more about Caramba chocolate from it’s producer, Shelly Akenji!

Caramba Chocolate

It is no news that our country Cameroon has got talents beyond just what we see every day! Let’s shine the light on a great product (Caramba chocolates)…


We recently stumbled on a made in Cameroon chocolate brand called Caramba, though it’s home-made, it sure tastes better than most imported chocolate that we consume.

237 Exclusive had an interesting chit chat with the gorgeous lady behind this beautiful production in the name of Shelly Akenji and the conversation goes thus;

237 Exclusive: What is your inspiration, what drove you to Make chocolates??

Shelly Akenji: I love chocolates. I mean which girl doesn’t? Hihihihi. But then it was about getting what was palatable and healthy. I don’t have a sweet tooth and I needed something sweet but very natural and pleasing to the mouth yet very refined. Hence the idea…

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237 Exclusive: What are the different names and different percentages of chocolate content??

Shelly Akenji: We have the Caramba Handcrafted Milk chocolate with a 45% of cocoa and the rest of milk and sugar products with no artificial additives and we also have the Caramba Handcrafted Dark chocolate with a whole 70% of cocoa

237 Exclusive: What is your biggest challenge in the making of your products and in the marketing sector??

Shelly Akenji: Since we are just beginning I think the biggest challenge is getting a market. I’m glad people are responding the way they are already because I’m getting inboxes now from all over Africa. With time, I think exposure won’t be an issue anymore.Caramba Chocolate


237 Exclusive: Why the name Caramba???

Shelly Akenji: Caramba is a Spanish exclamation meaning Wow! When you eat the chocolate you will understand the name hihihi.

237 Exclusive: How long do you think you will run this production??

Shelly Akenji: Oh for as long as God keeps us alive why not? We can’t see the future but we keep striving.

Hope you pass by and grab a bite! Thanks to this strong and beautiful lady for having us. We wish you well in your new venture!

Author: 237Xclusive

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