[237Music]: Liinx – La Vie (Official Video)

[237Music]: Liinx – La Vie (Official Video)

Mudhouse Entertainment signee Liinx releases another hit titled “La Vie”

Mudhouse entertainment recently released a new video from one of its artist Liinx. The single “La Vie” is the second song by Liinx from his much-anticipated album ‘Mandu Mandu’ (meaning ‘BIT-BY-BIT’ in his native Bayangi/kenyang dialect) to be released in mid-2019.

The title “La Vie” (LIVE) only gives an idea of what the video is all about. In this video, Liinx talks about the happenings in life and makes his audience to understand that life is not for the lazy. Thus, in order to be somebody in future or achieve your dreams, you must work hard.

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La Vie is produced by melloman-extraordinaire Mister Elad a.k.a Mister Malody. The video features a host of seasoned instrumentalists whose expertise creates an atmosphere of electrifying feeling. La Vie was shot by award-winning director Adah Akenji.

In the video, you can’t miss Liinx in his colorful and Afro inspired setting, moving his body to the rhythm of the music together with his team of 5 choreographers with lead dancer Aline Snuff.

Who is Liinx?

Liinx, a Cameroonian based in Sweden, is a well-known rapper. The European-based artist is one who targets a large audience. This can be felt in the different music genres he portrays in his upcoming album “Mandu Mandu”.

[237Music]: Liinx – La Vie (Official Video)

The artist hasn’t limited himself to a particular genre of music. His first single “Levez Vous” is an Afro-beat genre. He, however, changes the tune from Afro-beat to another genre in ‘La Vie,”  a mixture of groovy and soul. “La Vie” is a makossa-inspired piece with lots of take-home messages.

The reason for Liinx variety in music genres is to touch his different listeners and fans. Also, with such blend of different genres, he showcases his versatility, giving his broad audience multiple genres in a single album.

Mudhouse Entertainment

Mudhouse Entertainment is a Cameroonian music label. Created in 2015 by Tabot Perpcy a.k.a Liinx, the label produces good music, emphasizing on moral and educative messages. It is time to accentuate on music that can uplift listeners and add value to their life as compared to today’s urban trend of using uncensored immoral languages and visuals.

Staying true to the label, La Vie is an uncensored video, making it possible for all age groups to listen without discomfort. Parents can watch and enjoy music together with their children without fear of obscene languages.

La Vie is available for download from legal online platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc and streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal…

You can also watch the video on the Mudhouse Entertainment official YouTube channel.

Watch, enjoy and leave your comments behind.


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