Louis Paul Motaze’s Troubled Game Uncovered!

Louis Paul MOTAZE seeks to attract the good graces of the President of the Republic however ends up in a troubled game..

On May 08, 2018, the online magazine INVESTIR AU CAMEROON, in its article: “SGS Cameroon to implement an automatic wood control system as of June 1, 2018”, announced colours not very cheerful for the economy of the country; at least, that’s what could be detected between the lines …
In essence, one could understand that the decisions resulting from Motaze would cause more harm than good because one has the impression that they would stifle the imports/exports which are the economic lung of Cameroon.
How to understand such decisions except that Louis Paul Motaze would drive for his own account? And if it turns out he does it for his personal bank account in defiance of Cameroonians, then we are in place to worry seriously.

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Indeed, it has an agreement with the SGS which takes percentages on each export and it is supposed that Motaze gorges behind in retro-commission.
Would Motaze be ready to burn all the respect to the hierarchy just to be the darling of the boss? Many warnings think so, in sum … On a spirit of self-interest, he would like to show that the staff of the President are bad to put himself forward. However, it is the economy of the country that flounders and almost nonexistent revenue. As a result, he destabilizes rather the Head of State, thinking the booster. This is very serious!

Source: John Akuma

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