#MCM: Meet Gervais Ngongang, Co-founder, Big Dreams Entertainment

Gervais Ngongang

Today we have another talented person on our platform. He is a great Influence in the 237 Entertainment Industry… Am talking about Gervais Ngongang, Co-founder and manager of Big Dreams Entertainment; one of the leading record labels in Cameroon.Gervais Ngongang


237Xclusive: Welcome Gervais and thanks for having us. First we will like to know; How did you get into music management ?

Gervais: I have been into fashion and entertainment for a long time just didn’t take it seriously until a few years ago. I worked with a clothing line “Jasaïd” so I had to contact artists and labels to put the brand in their video clips…I worked with friends like Jovi, Numerica, X Maleya.

237Xclusive: As a talent manager, what are the attributes you look for when scouting for artists?

Gervais: The first thing is we are not looking for stars, so if you are already a star, we cannot work with you. We are simply looking for humility, talent and hard work. Hard work because I cannot define and artist with one song. I have to listen to more than just one song before I can sign you. They could be songs, freestyles or cover …I just have to listen to more. Maybe you also have to be young so that we can have the same vision. It’s not a main attribute but it’s important.

Gervais Ngongang

237Xclusive: You recently did a commercial for a trade mark in Ivory Coast – Heart Angel. How do you handle talent management and modeling at the same time?

Gervais: Well , I can’t say I’m a model anymore, and this brand in question belongs to the Co-founder of Big Dreams . This is how we met ; We met in front of a catwalk and he asked me to work with him..he wanted me to be his model and I accepted so we started working…3 years ago when I wanted to start up with Big Dreams, I told him that I have and artist I want him to dress and he accepted. Then we continued together and got bigger. That artist is Locko.

Gervais Ngongang

237Xclusive: After the Canal D’or awards, your very good friend Jason Saïdou Diakite (CEO of Jasaïd ) uploaded a video reminding you of how “it” all started . Can you tell us more about it?

Gervais: The truth is when I met Locko I was working with Jasaïd. I met Locko at a concert and I approached him because I loved what he was doing. As time went on , I proposed to Jason to start up a music part of Jasaïd so that we could promote Locko but he wasn’t ready, he told me “J’aime bien Arthur, j’aime ça musique, j’aime ce qu’il fait, mais en ce moment je ne suis pas prêt...je veux me concentrer sur les vêtements” . So I went on alone and that is how I gradually diverted from Jasaïd to Big Dreams. We still work together though not officially but we help each other from time to time.Gervais Ngongang


Thanks for having us Gervais, was a pleasure talking to you. We wish you the best in your career, have a good day

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