Wosoh Production and Arts Launches its Entertainment Network Hub

The increasing growth of Africa’s music industry can be seen in the number of talents that are born every day. There is still enough room for anyone trying to venture into the music business – be it the artists, record labels, artist managers, and so on. There are some major record labels that have established themselves meanwhile, others are struggling to make a name for themselves. With the aim to spur creativity in young and less privileged Africans and reach out to a wider audience, Wosoh Production and Arts has launched its entertainment hub, Wosoh Entertainment.

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Launched on January 1, 2019, the idea is to search, mold and expose talents. Wosoh production and arts is a Johannesburg-based non-profit entertainment network hub, registered in 2014 as Wosoh Production and Arts PTY LTD.

Wosoh Entertainment

Wosoh Productions and Arts is a record label that has come to make a difference in the lives of artists. The main aim is to promote African music and the entertainment industry, so as to gain recognition under a common platform. A platform to reach to the highest listening audience and fans. Fans will engage, book and share the artist’s music and interest.

This entertainment house will help artists gain recognition with the help of their profiles, while the director will manage and invest in the most talented artists. According to the CEO, Wosoh Patrick Betieh, the goal is to assist less privileged talented Africans.

Most Africans have got talents but do not have the means and resources to showcase their talents to the world. Thus, the whole show is to promote these talents with the help of social media and the internet as a whole.

More about the CEO

Wosoh Patrick Betieh

Wosoh Patrick Betieh, popularly known as Paddy Powers started this initiative way back in 2006 when he was doing Rap and stage performance. In 2014, he registered his movement. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful due to lack of finances. Paddy Powers finally launched his movement in 2018 while he engaged himself in investing and purchasing equipment.

Passionate about Arts, he registered as a student at www.copasa,co.za where he studied Music Production and Performing Arts. He’s also a student at www.riseacademy.co.za where he is studying PERFORMANCE and RAP.

He will soon be releasing his first book “THE POWER OF POSITIVE MINDSET.”  Ever since, Paddy Powers has focused his attention on charity and non-profit organizations. His goal is to promote and support the less privileged. Thus, Wosoh Entertainment is an extension of his works in the society. This time around, we are talking of entertainment.

Artists signed to kickstart Wosoh Entertainment

The entertainment hub has signed six artists to start the company.

1. 6Tus

Wosoh Entertainment

6Tus, a Nigerian talented Afro-pop star and an uprising artist who is going to make the company shake.

2. Payseen

Wosoh Entertainment

Payseen, popularly known as Badman Payseen is a Nigerian producer and artist based in South Africa. His outstanding productions and captivating voice have won him recognition and collaborations still to be made public.

3. Snazzy Shikena

Wosoh Entertainment

And last but not the least, Snazzy Shikena, one of Cameroon’s most versatile artists who has dropped raps, dancehall and Afro jams over the past years. He is the CEO of NEDSUM and is also managing Wosoh entertainment.

These sign-ins are just the first move by the company as Wosoh intends to pitch more talents. Artists signed to Wosoh Entertainment will benefit from talent development, music publishing, copyright enforcement/promotion, and marketing.

The label is also welcoming Africans with a passion for music, who can play or intend to learn any instrument, write  music to submit their profile and portfolio to Wosoh Production and Arts. The label comes with so many advantages that will bring most young artists to the spotlight.

Wosoh recommends artists based on their skills to its linked platforms where artists can also expose their talents. The network will provide TV interviews scheme and other skills to its subscribers in order to assist them in the music sector.

“Our entertainment network is out to help and make things better.”


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