London based company rebrands Chewing Stick as Organic toothbrush!

What we normally consider a chewing stick in Africa has been rebranded by A London based company and labelled Organic Toothbrush…

As shared on twitter by @Nwankpa_A, what we know as chewing stick has been rebranded and is now being sold abroad as “organic toothbrush”.

In a tweet, he said:

‘My people come and see me o! Common chewing stick don travel overseas come rebrand. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you- the Organic Toothbrush-30 day supply goes for $18!


 It comes neatly packaged in a white case and has a “cutter”. It also promises to whiten the teeth.

Organic Toothbrush

This chewing stick goes for like 100 FCFA here.

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Did we not see the potential in our own local chewing stick?

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