Discover Tob Juland’s new album titled “Piqure de rappel”

Piqure de rappel by Tob Juland which has been available since April 8th on all distribution platforms is composed of 13 tracks.

Piqure de rappel by Tob Juland which has been available since April 8th on all distribution platforms is composed of 13 tracks.

This album which happens to be his third musical compilation, highlights on several societal issues the global society is facing. For example, chienou, se l’avouer and illico iterate youth empowerment, while ignominie padré calls out the ills going on in the church.

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Robbed of his football dream by his parents, former banker Juland decides to find solitude in music when he sets foot on French soils in the late 80s.

All tracks were recorded at the Ghettoflow studio in Rotterdam by MB. Except for “Chienou” and “Ndeko Nangai” which were recorded in Paris at the Blaxound studio by Bilie Holladaze of most valuable producerz.

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LILM – Rastaman (Official video)

Belgium-based artist LILM entrusts the production of his single to the Cameroonian label FKI PROD

Belgium-based artist LILM entrusts the production of his single to the Cameroonian label FKI PROD.

A foreign act entrusting the totality of his project to an African entity is a phenomenon that is rarely seen on the Cameroonian music scene. LILM trusts FKI Prod, a Cameroonian label and entrusts him with the production of sound and video of his first single RASTAMAN.

Born in Cameroon about a year ago, FKI Prod aims to immerse and impose its presence in showbiz. Its primary role is to provide more quality content so as to enable Cameroon to gain remarkable recognition on an international scale.

In the single rastaman, LILM plays the role of a first-class Glander who spends his days smoking joints, who has never worked but has money of which the source is unknown. He comes off as a megalomaniac narcissist.

However, LILM deep down seeks to find love, get out of his neighbourhood and lead a stable life only, all in all, become a better person. In his opinion, he needs a self-respecting girl to achieve all of this. Unfortunately, he seems to only have access to the ones he can easily have in his bed.

Enjoy this single and do not hesitate to leave your comments.

An Insight on Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba; founder of the Motbinama International S.A. Group

A model and an exemplary citizen, he invests himself every day to improve the living conditions of the people. Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba has made a commitment to completely renovate the neighbourhood where he grew up. The Nkomo district at the Lieu-dit Residence des Palmiers has been completely refurbished by its efforts through all of its local teams mobilized within the MOTBINAMA INTERNATIONAL group. After a few months the bet is held with Maestria.

For several months, teams followed one another, and a whole neighbourhood was being refurbished, which was falling apart. This is how the inhabitants have had time to see the disappearance of grasses, redesigned and constructed gutters, public benches and spaces installed or renovated, and public lighting installed. Rehabilitation of roads and bituming of some of them. A household waste management system was installed as well as a monitoring system to better protect the public.

It is in total a sum of 174 million FCFA which was paid out to allow the inhabitants to benefit from a renovated and refurbished district!

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Living abroad for more than ten years, Joseph Didier Ndi Samba has promised himself a European standing to this district so that it has nothing to envy to those whom they frequent around the world.

A commendable initiative and to be encouraged. According to well-introduced sources, initiatives in this direction will increase and diversify, to the delight of Cameroonians.

A man of culture, Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba produces talent and advocates for the promotion of talent and merit. For those who know him, he has a refined ear and nothing escapes him. This elephant memory is a fine music lover who listens to both traditional and world music. As a citizen of the world, he feels comfortable in intercultural mixing but never forgets his roots.

Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba is a 40-year-old, intrepid, multilingual entrepreneur born in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He made it to the Glob-Autos Yaoundé establishments at the age of 17 and launched into the Public Markets and delivery of spare parts. After that, he became the Garage Manager of Samba Autos at the age of 18, which was associated with the importation of used vehicles from Germany.

Holder of a DUTS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Yaoundé (Cameroon) he is also Engineer in Mechatronics (Motormanagement and Signal Stabilization) (WBH Darmstadt) Germany.

Joseph Didier Ndi Samba is fluent in 8 languages and is the founder of the Motbinama International S.A. Group (Six companies and 207 employees in 4 countries) with an annual turnover of 20 million euros, which are deployed in the following Business Sectors:
– Mechanical engineering
– Manufacture of motor vehicles
– Restoration of historic vehicles
– Building and public works
– Real estate
– Investment
– Monitoring and management of artistic careers
– Import-Export
– International logistics
– Scientific research;
Motbinama SA’s investments in Cameroon amounted to 1 billion 205 million francs in two years.


Non-Stop African Entertainment (NAE LLC) seeks to be the preferred EduTainment business in Africa, by providing authentic African Quality content in improving the image and narrative about Africa. NAE seeks to create an avenue for InterContinental Multi-Lingual African story-telling with an African Child/Youth Mindset Transformation.
In line with its vision of being an entertainment powerhouse across Africa and beyond, NAE is also into talent management agency with an array of intercontinental actors and actresses on their roster such as Sir Zack Orji,
Tina Mba, Lucy Ameh, Adjetey Anang, Sir Raymond Ofula, Ruth Maingi, Lydiah Gitachu, Mzee Chillo

The latest additions to the NAE family are Cameroonians such as Award-winning Actress Laura Onyama signed as
an Actor/Presenter; Godisz Fungwa signed as an Actor and Lynno Lovert, as a Scriptwriter & Producer.

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The trio, all cast and crew of ‘Saving Mbango’ will be flying out to the U.S premiere of ‘Saving Mbango’ on March 28 in Chicago and Washington D.C on March 29, accompanied by their Talent Manager, Prince Richard NwaobiE. They will be hosted by Julia L. Gham, the films Co-Executive Producer & Founder of Powerhouse Ent. Inc. Laura and Godisz upon their return will be on the set of an African series titled ‘UMOJA (Co-Written by Lynno Lovert), set out in Rwanda. The pair will later attend the 2020 Cameroon Intl Film Festival (CAMIFF) on April 25-30.
Congrats to Laura, Godisz and Lynno!
What an interesting way to start the new year!

Album: Jeff G – Call 2 Conscience

Amidst the ongoing crisis, Jeff G hits the nail hard with his new musical collection

Jeff G has just unleashed his latest album, his first studio album titled “Call 2 Conscience”.

Inspired by the ongoing crisis in the Northwest & South West regions of Cameroon, the general state of the country and the status-quo as well as the willingness to do better, Jeff G sends a call to conscience to every Cameroonian amidst these trying times. The 18-track album is produced by Icon productions for Icon Music. With the theme being awareness and a call for action.

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Jeff G is a songwriter, singer and performer based in Shanghai, China and originates from Cameroon’s North West Region. He specializes in several genres of music such as Afro beats, Rap, Hip Hop, Afro Trap, R&B as well and Reggae. Jeff sings in English, French and Pidgin English and or Franc-Anglais; a mixture of both French and English with local Cameroonian languages.

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