[237Music]: Papy Anza ‒ Nyanga Nyango (Official Video)

Nyanga Nyango - Papy Anza

Papy Anza pays tribute to couples in his latest song, “Nyanga Nyango”

Nyanga Nyango is Papy Anza’s poetic composition about a sincere and lasting love. The piece is a logical continuation of “Nakwa,” which means  “I fell” in Ewodi. Directed by Mr. Tcheck, Papy Anza pays tribute to couples who have lived together despite the ups and downs of life.

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In today’s life, it’s hard to find marriages that stand the test of time. The video gives examples of couples who have spent 15, 20 and even 40 years in marriage.

Nyanga Nyango - Papy AnzaNyanga Nyango - Papy Anza

Moreover, the artist through other men recognizes the good, the security they find in their companion. That which makes them want to become better persons. This companion who dazzles you with her beauty, whose simple smile humbles you, who tells you “I love you” at a simple glance.

The song is dedicated to men who truly love and respect their wives.

About Papy Anza

Papy Anza was born at Laquintinie Hospital in 1989 and a native of Ewodi, Litoral region. After obtaining his B.Sc. in Biochemistry at the University of Buea, he decided to concentrate on his passion for music.

Nyanga Nyango - Papy Anza

“Nyanga Nyango” is seven on the list of tracks in the album SATEYA. The album has other tracks like; My Queen, Tatou, Nakwa, Mag, A Ndolo, Mura, Mura (feat Sadrak) and Meesanedi.

Nyanga Nyango - Papy Anza

The album will be available on all legal download and streaming platforms in the next few days.

For now, listen to this magnificent track from Papy Anza and tell us what you think about the song.

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