Mannock Archimed makes history as the first rapper to make it to the finals of the prestigious Mutzig Star contest

Mannock Archimed makes history as the first rapper to make it to the finals of the prestigious Mutzig Star contest.


The competition is almost coming to an end and the young artist had to go through various stages to be featured  among the six finalists of this contest.

Mannock  Archimed is a young Cameroonian rapper and songwriter. The 26-year-old was born and raised in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, where he completed his kindergarten, primary and secondary, and university education. His passion for rap started in 2003 and grew with his environment. Admiring, and eager to breakthrough, in the process, Mannock Archimed begins to write rap lyrics that make him famous in his neighborhood. On the other hand, he was busy participating in cultural events like  fairs, open-mic sessions, during the Hip Hop Fighter, the Business Week at the University of Douala, and during the release of the KOV RECORDZ compilation at Deido a few years ago. He perfomed that day with Alberto Les Clés and Metuschelah a song titled Croisons les doigts.


With a hip-hop style and especially rap, Manock is an unconventional artist, rallyer and claimant. He sees rap as a culture, its nature, a way of life.

‘Rapping for me is like breathing spiritually’

 The rapper derives his strength from work, perseverance and the Most High. He intends making an impression by winning this 27th edition of the Mutzig Star contest.


 Impressed by the positive feedback from the Bantus (his fans), galvanized by the support of the elders, Manock Archimed expects write the story. That of a rapper who is about to break-through and asks for the support of all the guys of the movement. A movement more and more solicited by so many. Whatever the position, one thing is obvious : Manock Archimed participates in the final Mutzig Star contest on mid-December. Like a soldier on the battlefield, Manock Archimed will use the microphone to agree. Give him STRENGTH !


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