237Gist: Richard Bona acquires a club restaurant in Paris

Richard Bona

After opening the Bonafide in New York three years ago, Cameroonian singer and musician Richard Bona reiterates the experience in the French capital with the “Nubia”.Richard Bona

In 2015, Richard Bona opened, on the island of Manhattan, in New York, a club called Bonafide. On March 15, 2018, it is in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine, that he will inaugurate a new establishment called Nubia.

“This name makes reference to Nubia, the ancient kingdom in which I believe that all human beings find their roots. This is a way of saying that we are all alike and translate the purpose of this club which is to gather and propose music concerts of all horizons “, explains the interpreter of Kalabancoro who wishes, thus, to work for the culture .

I’m in talks with the conservatories and schools of Hauts-de-Seine to allow the youngest to play here.

The Nubia concert hall, with its high-end sound equipment, will give pride of place to groups of various musical styles on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday, brunch place on a background of classical music.

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The musician has the idea of ​​making his establishment a place of exchange between professional musicians and young amateurs who, he claims, find fewer and fewer places to perform.

Richard Bona

“I’m in talks with conservatories and schools in the department of Hauts-de-Seine to allow younger people to come play here. I would like to set up a real musical program to organize masterclasses “. According to him, to work in the music industry and support young talent, there is nothing like being in the business.

Mediterranean gastronomy

The place will  feature a terrace of 80 m² but also a restaurant, with the chef Francis Lapuyade, whose gourmet cuisine will be dedicated to Mediterranean dishes. “I wanted to offer fresh and organic products. I also called on a pastry chef to make desserts on the spot. ” When asked why he did not favor Cameroonian or even African cuisine, the musician had fun with it: “I am no more Cameroonian than European or American. I like to dissociate myself from my origins and put forward a sort of miscegenation. I consider that at home, it is the world. By the way, I currently live in the United States. I live also in planes! “.Richard Bona

Next club in Geneva…

At the opening ceremony in Paris on March 15, the French drummer Manu Katché, accompanied by his group, will ensure the festivities. Richard Bona himself should make two dates during the month of April. If his priority remains to “relearn people to listen to music and healthy eating”, in the coming months, the author of the monumental disks that are Tiki or Munia (The Tale) hopes to offer concerts but also to open the stage of Nubia to comedians evolving in the stand-up. And the musician does not stop there: within two years, the guitarist-bassist plans to open another club in Geneva, Switzerland. On the discography side, the one who has just published an album with his friends Gérald Toto and Lokua Kanza, is preparing a project around flamenco music with Gypsy musicians from the south of Spain as well as recordings with a symphony orchestra. Knowing the thirst for syncretism of the person, not so surprising ..

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