Let’s all put an end to Drug Abuse


” The fun ”, ” the delirium ”, ” the ecstasy ” and many others. These are the motivating factors that drive young people to engage in the use of drugs. The latter are so numerous and diverse that there is for all classes, both legal and illegal. One of the best known and currently popular is called in the popular jargon “tramol; from its scientific name “TRAMADOL” is a drug of the family of opiates. Developed by a pharmaceutical company and designed to relieve pain.

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This drug, although legal, is a drug that is particularly popular with young people, having for a reason the search for thrills. Beyond creating only situations and behaviours quite litigious, tramadol is in no way a solution to the problems. Once its effect dimmed, the return to reality is fatal and we return to the starting square. It will only be a source of problems, because only by basing it on its undesirable effects (nausea, vomiting, sweating …) one can determine the physical and moral violence which follow. So youths, why are you risking your life? Is it really worth it?

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