Simo Jandie pays touching tribute to Fallen Legend Zacharie Nkwo

Simo Jandie pays touching tribute to Fallen Legend Zacharie Nkwo

Simo JandieSo I came across this touching post on Facebook this morning by Creative director of Jmultimedia concepts,  Simo Jandie to the late Zacharie Nkwo who was one of the best journalist Cameroon has ever had.

Late Zacharie, who passed on at exactly 8:45 am Sunday 4th June 2017 at the Mount Mary hospital Buea,  brought journalism to live every time he had the opportunity to. When acting as a sports commentator, He would bring the match to live and make you feel like you were on the pitch. Mr Nkwo’s eloquence, poise and gentleness will will be missed by many. Indeed we have lost a great treasure! Read Simo’s tribute below;

“Here is the news, read by Zacharie Nkwo*… First, the main points.”
One of My Heroes has passed on to glory…
I am in subtle tears because I never got to meet him.
I remember loving radio because of his voice.
I remember telling my dad, with whom I listened to the BBC often; “Papa, I think Zacharie Nkwo is one of the best journalists in the world”. To my greatest surprise, my father agreed with me. Now as a child whose father had strict and strong opinions with very high standards, that was quite a bold statement for me to make. It wasn’t a question. It was my opinion. When my father concurred, at that point I started believing in my self.

I remember those football matches, division two and first division matches, but most especially the division two matches, Mount Cameroon Fc vs Botafogo FC (he had a special liking for this team)… the commentaries he made would give you a vivid picture of the grey sandy pitch.
I was too young to buy a ticket for those matches, but I neverfelt loss because the pictures where painted in my mind with Zacharie Nkwo’s beautiful word that resonated to the core of your spine. His voice was heavy. Deliberate and poised. .

I fell in love with journalism because I knew one person who did it well; Zacharie Nkwo.

He had a mastery of the language, and his articulation was impeccable.
I hated the 7;30 news because I thought the journalists were horrible. And I asked my dad why Zacharie Nkwo wasn’t the anchor…
I listened to the 7am news every day, practicing to read like Zacharie Nkwo.
I wanted to be a journalist, and every school I attended, I was the school journalist. People wondered why I was so good at what I did. My secret was Zacharie Nkwo. I’d imagine I was Zacharie Nkwo, and read the news exactly like he did.

I dropped a tear when I learnt he had passed away. He was the first idol I ever had. And until this day, I never heard from any journalist as good as Zacharie Nkwo.

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