237Fashion: Stanlion Clothing opens up Store Front

Stanlion Clothing is set to take the fashion industry by storm as it opens it’s first store…

Stanlion Clothing comes in to prove to us that it isn’t just music and film putting Africa on the world stage. Fashion is doing so even more. The era of fashion has evolved and the industry is experiencing a much more intriguing phase. All thanks to some young Africans who are providing a new and brighter colouration to the art.

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In very huge supplies, amongst them is Stanlion Clothing CEO, Stanlo Akisah. Stanlo Akisah is a young Cameroonian nurse who started this clothing line with his wife, Lisette Akisah. Being a nurse and the head of his family didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream and turning it into a lucrative venture.

Thriving on social media and personal contacts, he decided to take his business to the next level by opening up a showroom. Being an immigrant in the US, we can only imagine how challenging the process must have been. In the end, he conquered. We, however, believe this is a launching step for a milestone which Stanlion will be accomplished in the industry.

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