Star Profile: 237Xclusive meets, Kamer's fastest rapper, KO-C

237xclusive:​ ​Once more we are pleased to have another talented Cameroonian around. This time it’s the latest Big Dreams team member, Ko-C.

Ko-C Welcome on board! It’s a great pleasure to have you here and hope this interview will enable your fans to know more about you and inspire younger artists.


Ko-C: ​Thanks very much 237xclusive. It’s always a pleasure to be on your platform.

237xclusive: To begin with…when did you conceive the idea of being a rapper and how did you work towards it?
Ko-C: ​I started 2013 and was listening to fast rappers like sarkodie, technine, Busta rhymes and Twister. I had to start by learning their lines, style and trying to rap like them too until I got my own lyrics.

237xclusive: In your opinion given that the Cameroon industry is still budding, what are the principal problems faced by Cameroon artists? Do you think it’s a lack of funds or the audience isn’t supportive enough?
Ko-C: ​I think the aspect of the promotion is the main problem that we face here in Cameroon. Producers don’t take the promotion of their artist seriously as in getting their songs to the audience in an intense manner. In a nutshell, negligence by producers and fear of investing. The joy of every artist is to see his art out there and relate with his fans properly. All this boils down to promo


237xclusive: That’s very true! So as an artist, how do you manage your career and other aspects of life?
Ko-C: ​Well am done with school. Had my degree last year am focusing just on my music now. But wen I was still in school I use to preserve two hours of my time every day to write a verse or chorus.

237xclusive: Considering your rapid growth in the music industry. How do you manage your relationships with old friends and those who will want to hook up?

Ko-C: ​It all depends on how you were supportive of the artist when he was still struggling. Normally u can not really have everyone close to you but I try as much as possible to relate with friends and fans out there to the fullest.


237xclusive: Already your song “I love you” is a wonderful piece of art and ur cover of “if” by Davido was everything. With that alot of pple are expecting some more of that good music, So do you have any up coming projects you think your fans should know about?
Ko-C: ​They should always expect stuff from me anytime any day. I love surprising them.

237xclusive: The name Ko-c is rather unique I must say. How did you come up with it and what are your real names? 
Ko-c: Ko-c means Knock out Christian and my real names are Njang Collins.

237xclusive: Finally what message do you have for fellow artist and your fans as well?
Ko-c : ok to my fellow uprising artists, stay focused and be prayerful. As for my amazing fans thanks for always supporting, Ko-c will never let you down. Finally, thanks to 237xclusive for granting me this interview, keep the fire burning.
237xclusive: Once again thank you and keep up with the good work!
Ko-c: Thank you too

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