[237Music]: Stéphane Akam ‒ Plein d’amour (Lyrics Video)

Stéphane Akam Releases Lyrics Video to His New Single Plein d’amour

[237Music]: Stéphane Akam ‒ Plein d’amour (Lyrics Video)

Afrima 2018 nominee for Best Inspirational Song Stéphane Akam, has released a new song titled “Plein d’amour” (Full of Love). Produced by Mr. Melody, Stéphane Akam’s “Plein d’amour” crowns a truly special year for the artist. From Festirock to the release of the single “Che Woue” through an appointment to the Afrima, Plein d’amour sounds like a rose filed at the foot of his fans.

Freshly returned from the Afrima in Ghana where he was among the only three Cameroonians to perform, he has a few days before presenting his album Gae Yen during the show, “At the meeting of the Prince.”

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On Afro-pop, Stéphane Akam’s Plein d’amour is a new vocal treat, a declaration of love, a theme we don’t get tired of because love is the essence of life. Download this piece of art below.

Stephane Akam - Plein d'amour.mp3 (14 downloads)

How Stéphane Akam ventured into music

It was in his high school in 2005 that everything took off. At the time, young Stéphane Akam, passionate about music, simply sang to please his friends. This passion encouraged him to take the microphone out of a musical caravan and make a sensation on the stage. Stéphane Akam became used to the scenes, participated in school concerts in Douala and in national musical competitions. Getting into the university, he joined a music club.

Today, Stéphane Akam has already flourished in several local and international shows. We still remember his last live performance during Singuila media tour in Cameroon in 2017.

Stéphane Akam does an incrustation in the African universe and explores the nooks and crannies of Africa’s cultural diversity. His artistic approach lies in the mixture of humor, poetry, comedy and songs vocally orchestrated to create a difference with the “déjà vu.”

Hit the play button below and have a taste of Plein d’amour as you share this masterpiece with your loved ones.

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