237Gist: Tzy Panchak sells out 1st Show in the DMV – US !!!


Tzy Panchak is rapidly writing down history in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry one day at a time. The Cameroonian superstar who is currently on tour in the US sold out his first show of the tour which took place in Maryland (DMV). Cameroonians turned up in their numbers from all corners to support him.

Fans flew in from different parts of the world like France, Cameroon and different parts of America to experience this life changing experience. Rumour has it the police almost shut it down because of the population!

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The Blunation team invited 10 other Cameroonian artists to precede him. This stirred a lot of admiration and positive feelings towards Tzy Panchak in the heart and minds of the Cameroonian community in the DMV. This show was sponsored by Stanlion Clothing, Holmes Media Solutions, Juliet Xtra and 237Xclusive. Alot of positive reviews got in after the show as fans claim they were thrilled and it was worth the time and money. Below is a footage from the event… Lay back and enjoy as he thrills his fans song after song!


#237XclusiveMCM: 237Xclusive meets Tenor

He is young, vibrant, energetic and talented… He has been electrifying stages around Africa for the past months and today we are honoured to have such a great talent on our platform. Meet Mr Le Fiang Le way Le Yamo AKA Tenor! Without much ado let’s get down to business…



237xclusive : Hi Tenor and welcome to our platform. First we would like to know; What are your real names?

Tenor : Hello 237Xclusive. Thank you… hahaha well that’s a popular question…my real names are Mengoum Ayea Thierry

237xclusive : That’s a “Beti” name I guess. How did the name Tenor come about ?

Tenor : Well back in the days…I used to be in a church choir…where I got my inspiration to become a musician…and I used to sing in the Third part..the Tenor part…so I just found e name ideal for my music career because that was my foundation. But yet TENOR also signifies “Toucher l’Exellence de la Negritude Ordiner du Rap”.

237xclusive : Wonderful! It’s amazing how a simple name could have such a meaningful acronym. I would never have guesses even in the wildest dreams. Before being a musician, were you and what were your dreams?

Tenor : Eurrr…before being Tenor , Ayea Thierry was just a student at the Lycee Technique d’Edea. I studied Marketing and communication unfortunately I couldn’t write the baccalaureate exams cause I was out of the Country performing at a concert. In my childhood I’ve always wanted to be a musician. To Excel in music. That was my only dream. It’s true I could do other things but I don’t think there’s anything I can do better than music and with as much love and energy.

237xclusive : Mr Le Fiang Le way Le yamo. What does that really mean?

Tenor: Hahaha…like every artist, that’s my own signature..Le Fiang where I’m from means “La Sauce” or food…Le way is “Les Bad things..” and all together on yamo.. “ we enjoy both”.


237xclusive : How do you feel out of war machine…and was it the end of your contract or you just decided to leave? Also, do u intend continuing on your own or getting signed again?

Tenor : Well…my business with War Machine was not a contract. It was more like a family. An elder brother who wanted to help his little brother. And like in every family the son would want to gain his independence. That’s exactly what happened. And on getting signed again..it all depends on the opportunities that show up but for now I’m just interested in giving out good music.


237xclusive: So Mr Le Fiang…do you intend doing music all your life or do you plan on starting up a business..?

Tenor: I’ve actually been thinking of this and for sure I’ll start up a business…a business in music..In some years to come..even if I’m not a rapper..I’ll still be somewhere around the music world because that’s where I belong.

237xclusive : Thanks you so much for the exclusive interview and we wish you well in your career.

Tenor : the pleasure is mine… thank you too

Star Profile : Ko-C Graduates with Bachelor of Technology in Business Management 

ko c

Njang Collins aka Ko-C, few days after releasing his latest single “Laisse moi passer” ,graduates from the University of Buea with a Bachelor’s of Technology in Business Management.


Kamer’s young rapper combines brains and talent to get the best out of his business besides his versatility in music as he sings and raps exceptionally.


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A lot of young and upcoming artists think they don’t need to be educated to succeed in Entertainment.  What they fail to understand is, some might have succeeded without education but with education they would have done it better. We would advice that while hustling to succeed in their career they should take education serious. Congrats Ko-C, 237Xclusive wishes you the best in your career.

237Events: Beta Night? What? Why? When?

Beta Night, an innovative entertainment event launches on Sept 1st in Limbe. Beta Night brought to you by Beta Media

Beta Night, an innovative entertainment event launches on Sept 1st in Limbe.

beta niight

Beta Night brought to you by Beta Media, is an event meant to celebrated art, culture, lifestyle and nightlife. This event intends to do all these in a way that has never been done before in Cameroon. Beta Night is here to spice up night life in Cameroon.
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It is an event that would entertain its audience in the following ways:
-They would have an opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities, ask them questions and take photos with them
-They would have the opportunity to experience their favorite musicians perform with a live band
-They would be entertained with acapela performances of their favorite Cameroonian music
-They would be entertained with dance performances from the best dance crews in Cameroon
-They would be entertained with stand-up comedy from the best comedians in Cameroon
With all these one would expect a huge gate fee, no, entrance is absolutely free!!
There is no reason why you should miss it then, so save the date!!
The first edition would take place on the 1st of September in Limbe, at the Meridian Gardens, which is adjacent to Bicec Down beach. 237Xclusive is honoured to be a sponsor of this amazing initiative.
beta night
Performers and guest artistes for this first edition would be announced soon, stay tuned!
Follow Beta Night on social media:
Facebook: @betanightcmr
Twitter: @betanightcmr
Instagram: @betanightcmr
For inquiries, reservations and partnerships contact: +237 650645515

Producers and singers extraordinaire, Rythmz is our #237XclusiveMCM this week!

MCM: Meet the Rythmz, one of Cameroon’s Hottest Duo!

Today we will be throwing the spot light on the Rythmz

MCM: Meet the Rythmz, one of Cameroon’s Hottest Duo!

Today we will be throwing the spot light on the Rythmz. A Cameroonian duo that specializes in a new genre of African music trending all over Central Africa called Afro-Bikossa (a blend of Bikutsi, Makossa and Afropop). Diyani Bill Munyenge and Fongap Etienne Nkeng in their 20s, make up this amazing duo. Their story is one of talent, hard work and constant improvement. They are not only good vocalist put producers as well.

These two have come a long way in the music industry and are responsible for a good number of hit songs from Cameroon like Le gars la est Laid by Mink’s, Doumba by X Maleya, Dona by Mimie and many others. For a while now they have concentrated on the production part of their craft.

In a bid to quench their fans thirst released new single titled Boboloh. Rythmz after terminating their record deal with one of Cameroon’s biggest record label XM Music recently signed a deal with Empire Company.

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We aren’t too sure of the nature of this deal as no official press release was put out to announce the news. Some say its a distribution deal others think its a record deal. We hope they will clarify our doubts in the nearest future. 237Xclusive wishes you a lovely week do not forget to drop comments below. xoxo

Models: @Rythmz

Photography: @Studio ’89

237Music: Download Ko-C – Laisse Moi Passer

Exclusive! Ko-C is asking us to make way for him!

Ko-c - Laisse moi passer

Ko-C is not only one of Kamer’s fatest rappers but a good singer as well. He releases new single titled Laisse Moi Passer produced by Akwandor.

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He has often proven his skills in his previous songs and covers. Many fans thought he ignored online debate on whether he is Kamer’s fastest or not. He proves to be a man of action not and empty vessel and channels all he has to say in Laisse moi passer. He recently went solo after parting ways with PIM Boyz crew and since then has been steady on his grind. We will be glad if you let us know what you think about this song in the comment section.

[download id=”10437″ template=”Download”]


Star Profile: 237Xclusive meets, Kamer’s fastest rapper, KO-C

237Xclusive meets, Kamer’s fastest rapper, KO-C

237xclusive :​ ​Once more we are pleased to have another talented Cameroonian around. This time it’s the latest Big Dreams team member, Ko-C. Ko-C Welcome on board! It’s a great pleasure to have you here and hope this interview will enable your fans know more about you and inspire younger artists.

Ko-C : ​Thanks very much 237xclusive. It’s always a pleasure to be on your platform.
237xclusive: To begin with…when did you conceive the idea of being a rapper and how did you work towards it?
Ko-C : ​I started 2013 and was listening to fast rappers like sarkodie, technine, Busta rhymes and Twister. I had to start by learning their lines, style and trying to rap like them too until I got my own lyrics.

237xclusive : In your opinion given that the Cameroon industry is still budding, what are the principal problems faced by Cameroon artists? Do you think it’s lack of funds or the audience isn’t supportive enough?

Ko-C : ​I think the aspect of promotion is the main problem that we face here in Cameroon. Producers don’t take the promotion of their artist seriously as in getting their songs to the audience in an intense manner. In a nutshell, negligence by producers and fear of investing. The joy of every artist is to see his art out there and relate with his fans properly. All this boils down to promo

237xclusive : That’s very true! So as an artist, how do you manage your career and an other aspects of life?

Ko-C: ​Well am done with school had my degree last year am focusing just on my music now. But wen I was still in school I use to preserve two hours of my time every day to write a verse or chorus.
237xclusive : Considering your rapid growth in the music industry. How do you manage your relationships with old friends and those who will want to hook up?
Ko-C : ​It all depends on how you were supportive to the artist wen he was still struggling. Normally u can not really have everyone close to you but I try as much as possible to relate with friends and fans out there to the fullest.

237xclusive : Already your song “I love you” is a wonderful piece of art and ur cover of “if” by Davido was everything. With that alot of pple are expecting some more of that good music, So do you have any up coming projects you think your fans should know about?
Ko-C : ​They should always expect stuffs from me anytime anyday. I love surprising them.


237xclusive: The name Ko-c is rather unique I must say. How did you come up with it and what are your real names? 

Ko-c: Ko-c means Knock out Christian and my real names are Njang Collins.


237xclusive: Finally what message do you have for fellow artist and your fans as well?

Ko-c : ok to my fellow up rising artists, stay focused and be prayerful. As for my amazing fans thanks for always supporting, Ko-c will never let you down. Finally thanks to 237xclusive for granting me this interview, keep the fire burning.

237xclusive: Once again thank you and keep up with the good work!

Ko-c: Thank you too

Events: Easter Show case – Stanley Enow in DC!

For a few weeks now the King Kong, Stanley Enow has been on a business trip to the US.

Stanley Enow

For a few weeks now the King Kong, Stanley Enow has been on a business trip to the US. We’ve been following him closely as we’ve seen him close deals, record new songs as well as plan amazing collabos. This Sunday which is Easter Sunday, he’s got something big in store for his US based fans as he will be performing at the StoneFish Club in DC !

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Alongside him, acts like Master Yen, Riflex and Brenda Dery will be performing as well. Isn’t that great news; an event which is by the way proudly sponsored by 237Xclusive . So if you are in the US and you love Stanley Enow or are an avid reader of 237Xclusive please do turn up and show some love while of course having fun. Happy Easter in advance!


Tzy Panchak Starts the year with a breathtaking video titled “Like That

Tzy Panchak in “like that” conveys to us the need to be one’s self; we do not need to change to be accepted. Directed by Nkeng Stephens… Enjoy #blunation

Watch new video by Tzy Panchak titled Like That

Often a times, human beings tend to change a lot of aspects about themselves. Just so they may be accepted by an individual or the society. In our present day society, we see a lot of people faking their lifestyle  and all what not.  We all know majority of the times it doesn’t end well for them.  Tzy Panchak in “like that” conveys to us the need to be one’s self; we do not need to change to be accepted. All you have to do is be yourself and do you. You would find people who will like you for who and what you are.  

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Blunation unitedly with CPE joined hands to come up with this amazing piece for your listening and watching pleasure. Like that was directed by Nkeng Stephens and produced by newbie yet immoderately talented producer, Mr Lee (y’all watch out for this dude).  While anticipating an album from Tzy this year, watch and enjoy “Like that” brewed with a lot of passion and perfection.

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/cwWfMpEsL1U&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>



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President Paul Biya declares January 2 2017 a Public Holiday

resident Paul Biya has signed a decree yesterday Friday December 30, 2016, declaring Monday, January 2, 2017 a public holiday.

President Paul Biya has signed a decree yesterday Friday December 30, 2016, declaring Monday, January 2, 2017 a public holiday.This is because of the New Year celebration celebrated every January 1st.This year’s falls on a Sunday which is not a working day. Therefore, the following day is a holiday. Paul Biya has applied the law of 7 December 1973, which establishes the system of legal festivals in our country and which states that when a civil holiday is celebrated on a Sunday, the following day is assimilated to this holiday.

Cameroon: President Paul Biya declares January 2 2017 a Public Holiday
By this decree therefore, workers will go back to work on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. On that note the 237Xclusive team will like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year filled with many blessings.