Cameroon wins big at the Golden Movie Awards 2018!

The movie A Good time to Divorce bags 6 awards at the Golden Movie Awards…

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

The Golden Movie Awards which just held last night is an award ceremony organised to recognise film makers all around Africa who are doing a great job. It held at the Hotel Ambassador Movenpick, Accra, Ghana. Cameroon was represented by movie stakeholders; Alenne Menget and Syndy Emade.

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

5 Cameroonian movies made it to the nomination phase and A good time to divorce was the movie of the night. Cameroon was given a standing ovation during the ceremony as Alenne and Syndy walked up to collect the Overall Golden Movie Award.

It won awards in the following categories;

Golden Art Director: Arnurin Nwenubom

Golden Script writer: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Drama movie: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Director: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Actor in a Drama: Alenne Menget

Overall Golden Movie: A Good Time To Divorce

Other wins for the night were as follows;

Golden Makeup Artiste: Nodryn Evanci (Forbidden)
Golden Costume: Awenseba AliAkpajiak (Baabani)
Golden Short Film: Iterum (Again)
Golden Editor: Bernard Makosa (10 Day in Suncity)

Golden Soundtrack (Original): O.C. Ukeje (Potato Potahto)
Golden Promising Actor:Eman Sinare (Baabani)
Golden Supporting Actor (Comedy): Richard Mofe Damijo (10 Days in Suncity)
Golden Supporting Actress (Comedy): Joke Silva (Potato Potahto)

Golden Indigenous Movie (Twi/Swahili/Hausa): Baabani
Golden Cinematography: Stanlee Ohikhuare (Idahosa’s Trail)
Golden Editor (Video):Yaw KarkonAmpomah (Before the Vows)
Golden Supporting Actress:Ebele Okaro (What’s Within)

Golden Actress (Comedy): Nana Ama McBrown, Sika Osei, Lydia Forson (Side Chic Gang)
Golden Actress (Drama): Lilian Echileon (Black Rose)

Golden Movie (Comedy-Story): Rachel Adiku (Side Chic Gang)
Golden Documentary: One GH (Tramadol Documentary)

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Yesterday was a defining moment for the Cameroon Film Industry and certainly will go down in history. It goes a long way to show that our film makers have been putting in alot of work and efforts. Also we believe this win will attract more positive moves towards the growth of the Cameroon was represented by movie stakeholders; Alenne Menget and Syndy Emade. which may include more investors, endorsement deals, collaborations, etc.

In this light, the entire 237Xclusive team will like to heartily congratulate the winners and wish them more success in future. May this be a stepping stone to more great movies from Cameroon.

Alenne Menget rocks Military Attire on set of new movie!

Looking at this pics one would almost think CEO of ATS productions, Alenne Menget missed his vocation!

Looking at this pics one would almost think CEO of ATS productions, Alenne Menget missed his vocation! As in eh…Who ever thought military attire or white hair would look so sexy. Everyone knows Alenne is a suit-man no doubt. How Alenne rocks this attires just adds more salt to his versatility.

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This pictures were taken by Asonganyi pictures on the set of “A good time to divorce” by Nkanya Nkwai. Knowing his ability to step into any role perfectly and what great an actor Alenne is, we can’t wait for this movie to be out! While waiting feed your eyes with these exquisite pictures.


Movie Review : Expression

Expression is a Cameroonian movie written by Tessy Esseme and produced by Tessy Esseme and Alenne Menget. It was directed by Musing Derrick

I was so excited when I found out Bolloré was building a cinema in Douala, Cameroon. When it was completed I rushed immediately to share the good news with you guys on here but I bet very few of you paid attention to it. I even got more excited when I was told a Cameroonian movie was to be premiered at Canal Olympia (not only because it was Cameroonian but because it was the first) and I told myself I must attend this premiere! The premiere was a black carpet affair attended by the creme de la creme and movie lovers nationwide including the legendary Sallé John. Now let’s talk about Expression.


Out of the four Cameroonian movies I happened to have watched Expression is my favorite. I personally like it because it is far from the ordinary. It is DIFFERENT! The story has a lot of twist and turns and you couldn’t tell what to expect when!

Alenne Menget and Tessy Esseme

Expression is a feature film written and produced by Tessy Esseme. It was co-produced by Alenne Menget and directed by Musing Derrick.


This movie is centered around an abandoned child; the psychological trauma this girl went through and the struggle she surpassed to find her mother. The main characters in the movie are Alenne Menget, Solange Yijika, Nsang Dilong and Ngong Tatiana.


It was shot in the beautiful city of Buea. Amanda (Ngong tatiana) is this young lady who was abandoned by her mother at a very tender age and by some mysterious way gets assimilated into a cartel or should I say mafia ring. This ring is headed by Jack (Alenne Menget) and he grooms Amanda for years to be his prodigy. Amanda is tormented by the fact that she doesn’t know her parents and has no identity. She decides to steal a huge some of money from Jack and go in search of her mother.

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She starts following clues until she finds this lady called Jasmine whom she thinks is her mother. She then pays Tessy (Nsang Dilong) to act as an under cover agent and find out everything about Jasmine. While on her assignment, scrupulous and ambitious Tessy finds out Jasmine (Solange Yijika)  is a gold mine and decides to scheme her way through and pose as Amanda. Jasmine  thinking Tessy is her daughter starts to shower her with love and gifts. While having to deal with Tessy’s betrayal, Amanda also has Jack on her tail.


Am gonna stop here 😉 y’all will have to find the movie and watch it in other to know how it ends. All in all it was a fun night; I got to sit in a cinema hall and watch a cameroonian movie for the first time and the experience was out of the world. Thumbs up to the entire team. We hope to have many more experiences like that in the future.

Neglect Buri – Fool 4 U 

After releasing Aboloshi late last year which made waves all around Cameroon,  KB Hood Music‘s front liner Neglect aka Buri Wan Shey Joe releases the enticing video for his hit track Fool 4 U starring himself, Tutu Biaka, Alenne Menget, Brenda Dery and many others. This great dancehall track was produced by the very talented Dijay Karl and directed by none other than the best Shamak Allhamaradji. Mehn this video is something else I give it up for you guys. Everything on deliver freshh….. Was expecting to hear some Lamso tho nevertheless its a great one am really impressed. Lemme keep watching and enjoying! Trust me you should too…