“Don’t feel too comfortable; always try to evolve” says our MCM Amah Betrand

Amah Fashion house is a fashion brand owned by the incredible Afro designer Amah Bertrand. It produces both make and female oufit exclusively african. In the recent year he’s has had the opportunity to dress high profile Cameroonians for several events especially weddings and anniversaries.

Today we have a very special person on our hot seat. Am very happy to be doing this today and before we start, Amah Bertrand, I must say am very proud of who you’ve become and all that you’ve set up for yourself. I saw this start from scratch and it has been an amazing journey so far. Now let’s get down to business.


Amah Fashion house is a fashion brand owned by the incredible Afro designer Amah Bertrand. At Amah Fashion house exclusively African outfits are made for both male and female. In the recent years, he has had the opportunity to dress high profile Cameroonians for several events especially weddings and anniversaries. We had the privilege to have him on our platform for a brief interview and below was the outcome; so grab a glass of juice and enjoy the ride.


237xclusive: Welcome on board Mr Amah Bertrand. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Amah B : Thanks alot .. I’m all red from your intro…the pleasure is all mine.

237xclusive: To begin with, What does Amah Fashion house stand for and why did u choose that name?

Amah B: Amah Fashion house is a big brand. The name “Fashion House” is like a tree with many branches or a house with many rooms. I choose that name because my brand is intended to have several branches. Already, you know about clothing line but subsequently we will be coming up with a modeling agency, Luxury boutiques and an event planning agency to cover events from clothing to refreshments.


237xclusive : That’s a great deal! So tell us…what are your goals, and what actually motivates you to keep working?

Amah B : Actually, it’s all about the passion. That’s what it’s always been about. Back in Nigeria when I was studying fashion and designing, I always loved to look good so I designed for myself, my friends and some high profiled people in their entertainment industry. They all appreciated my work and encouraged me. All of these have kept me going.

237xclusive : When did you discover your passion for designing ?

Amah B : I’ve always loved style. It all started when I was very young and it’s important for youths to know that you can actually make a living from your talent. The employment situation is not the best  yet if you have the courage to make a living from what you love, from your handy work and being unique by having your own signature that all your clients can relate to, then you will succeed.


237xclusive : So what are the difficulties you’ve faced or are still facing , and how do you handle them?

Amah B :Like I tell everybody, before setting up a fashion business you have to make sure it’s a passion because it is very demanding. One of my major difficulties was to get the best team to work with because only the best team can produce the best results. Also, the product may not satisfy the client for example, it may either be too tight or to loose for their comfort and they get really mad and say bitter things to you which may make you question your work but with the grace of God all is well.

237xclusive : Where do you see the Cameroonian fashion and design industry 5 years from now?

Amah B : If I may say, Cameroon first of all has made a large progress in the past three years. Cameroonians have discovered the value of their culture and the ability to live from their talent . In the next 5 years it will be better. By the way, the fashion industry is a Billion dollar industry so any one can invest in it as long as your passionate about it.


237xclusive : In your opinion, what is the best medium Cameroonians can use to promote their culture?

Amah B : The #1 medium the western world uses is the social media. I think the social media is the best way to promote anything you want to promote. The shut down of Internet connection in the NW and SW is the worst thing that could ever happen to the entertainment industry as a whole. The Bamenda Fashion week has been postponed because of that and many other thing have been brought to a halt because they wouldn’t have been effective if we don’t have Internet for people all over the world to participate live.

237xclusive : What advice can you give to young designers who intend on setting up a brand for themselves?

Amah B : The key words are…hard work, consistency and prayers. You have to work very hard to give your best each time you have the chance to, you have to remain consistent by learning everyday and staying at the top. Never be too comfortable; always try to evolve. Finally, prayer is the key because only God can bless your work and protect you because we are in a dangerous world.


237xclusive : Mr Amah Bertrand we are so grateful for your time. We pray and wish you all the best in your work.

Amah B: Thanks alot too…It’s a wonderful blog you have; may God bless you too.


Fashion highlights from the TIA movie premiere…

TIA which means #thisisafrica, is a Pan – African movement started by Nabil Fongod and Dijay Pazzo meant to show case Africa. It all

TIA which means #thisisafrica, is a Pan – African movement started by Nabil Fongod and Dijay Pazzo meant to show case Africa. It all started with the official sound track

Nabil ft Dj Pazzo-#ThisisAfricaTIA

Then came a short movie which was premiered on October 7th during the Art City short film festival which held at the Shopping Mall in Buea. Unfortunately  237Xclusive couldn’t make it but from what we gathered the movie was ” come and see go and tell ” . This event was attended by the Creme de la creme and here are a few photos which were taken…

Photo credit : dcoded tv show

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Which was fav look? Let us know in the comment section below…



#FIAFA2016 Was Lit!!!

syndy 2Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue, FIAFA is an International anual fashion event that was hosted in buea at Chariot hotel on the 23rd of April 2016. This event brought to us colourful designs from countries like Nigeria, Senegal and of course Cameroon and perfomance from some of our Cameroonian Artists like Daphne, Montess, KDG dancers and many others. It was amazing to see amazing designs full of vibrant colours from very young and talented people. The models were excellent as well some of them were Sirri Kuwan, Denzel, Akere Nerisa and Emile Switch. To be honest I was very impressed to know Cameroon had so many awesome designers wasn’t there but thanks to  Kreef I could watch the whole show live. Shoutout to Kreef! Great job…

Below are pictures from the event

dede folefo

Makeup Artist: Dede Folefo


KDG dancers rockin Mareta Wt designs


Rapper Tutu Biaka and Brain behind #FIAFA Fredash


Rapper Tutu Biaka and Manager of Kokobar Buea and visual artist Gilly Gilz

tutu 2

Model and media personality T Pana Wynchester and Tutu Biaka


Makeup Artist: Saskia Aleseh and Amelie Francine rocking Mareta Wt Designs

fiafa 2

CEO Afrik Trend Designs: Suket Nkafu


Afrik Trend Designs

pearl louma

Talent Manager Pearl Louma rocking Spell Couture and fashion designer Amah Betrand Rocking Amah Fashion House designs

pearl 2

Rear view of Pearl’s Dress


Models:  Sirri Kuwan and Denzel (backstage selfie)

kolo designs

Fashion Designer: Clautilde Fobuzie of Kolo designs


Doctor in the making: Arisha Ayonghe

Well dear readers those I all the pics I could get for now Hoping to get more later…