237Music: Ambe – MO Kawum Ngakop (Official video)

Ambe takes us back to our roots with new single titled Mo Kawum Ngakop…

Ambe - Mo Kawum Ngakop  Ambe has always been one of those Cameroonian acts that celebrates his culture via his music. This is evident in his smash singles: ‘Bonne Annee‘ & ‘Rendezvous‘ which display unique sounds and languages from his origin; the North West Region. Mo Kawum Ngakop is another one of such tunes. This one was produced by Akwandor, and the video was shot by Mr Adrenaline.

Another one to keep us on the dance floor! Click below to watch. 

237Music: Ambe – Melody (Official video)

Ambe releases new video titled Melody Produced by OJ Keys and Akwandor.

   Cameroonian singer Ambe  has released his debut hit for the year 2018 titled “Melody”.   The video  was released a few days ago and was simultaneously produced,mixed and mastered by Akwandor, was given a special touch by Mr Andrenaline and released by the Red Eye Group Label.  In the single hit, he presents a special emotional feeling that is unarguably celebrating lovers.

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It is worth noting that Ambe has been one of the most celebrated artists in Cameroon following his hit Na For Bafut. Enjoy this new one and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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237Music: Ambe releases dance video for new single titled ‘vitesse’

After his mid-tempoed hit single #ResteLa, Ambe surprises his fans with a banger titled ‘Vitesse.’

Ambe-VitesseThe song by Ambe is an up-tempo afropop sound which is the product of a blend of Afro-beat, bottle dance, high life and Coupé Décaler.
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It was produced by Akwandor aka Blaise BThe dance video for the song features Ambe as a director, capturing people expresses themselves via dance to the rhythm of the song.  Na Mr Adrenaline directam!

Ambe – Reste La (Official video)

Camer’s popular Bafut pikin; Ambe, is back on our screens with a new attitude, one of a Bad boy in new track; ‘Reste Là.’

Camer’s popular Bafut pikin; Ambe, is back on our screens with a new attitude, one of a Bad boy!

Red Eye Group presents  Ambe in ‘Reste Là.’ Reste Là is a song produced by the phenomenal; Akwandor, aka Blaise B. It is a mid-tempo song that unravels a certain level of sexual intimacy that a guy can share with a girl he loves.
Ambe - Reste La-
 The video directed by NS Pictures  leaves us in awe! In previous videos, we have seen Ambe portray the role of an ambitious guy from Rendezvous in Bamenda, a Better boyfriend, and a loving partner. This this time he is a reckless womanizer!
 The video depicts how casual and insignificant sex is, in this generation. Especially. with the use of instant messaging and social media. Ambe exposes this vice so so as to increase awareness of its implications. This is one video you would enjoy watching! Click below to watch!

“You can’t make me doubt my worth” says Askia in new video|| Click here to watch

Kamer rap queen Askia redefines sexy in her first release under Alpha Beta records titled Ma Valeur produced by Salatiel.

AskiaKamer rap queen Askia redefines sexy in her first ground breaking release under Alpha Beta records titled Ma Valeur produced by Salatiel. Damn! It was about time though. Nice work as usual Nkeng Stephens as he was assisted by Salatiel in directing this piece of art.

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These visuals feature Daphne, Salatiel, Mr Leo, Blaise B…. And oh! Shout-out to 237Mag we see you darling 😉