237Music: Carl Brizzy – Mon Bébé  (Official video)

Carl Brizzy releases new single titled Mon Bébé…

Carl Brizzy

Cameroonian singer popularly known by his stage name as Carl Brizzy has been noticeably absent from the music scene for a while now and even his social media appearances are so limited.
On the 14th if April, the Ajarb records artist dropped what we would like to term a smash hit,and  a thirst quenching video titled Mon bébé. His exceptional and unique melody, which blends with his voice, is just what makes this song a big deal, we’re yet to recognize more of such talents.

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If you’re just hearing about Carl Brizzy for the first time, then you’re not up to date, a few if his latter tracks go with the titles :

  • More love,
  • ur waist,
  • me and you,
  • Mado.

In just 6 days of release,, this video has already attracted 18k and above views.. Mind you, if this song was not a hit, it would not attract this much attention!!
Click the link below to fully understand why this track is considered a HIT.