Céline Victoria Fotso stars in new TV Series Yelo Pèppè sponsored by Maggi

Marie, the Character played by Celine Victoria Fotso is more or less spicy in the first episode of “Yelo Pèppè”, a series by Shirley Frimpong-Manso sponsored by the culinary brand Maggi. A full-bodied role that suits the actress and businesswoman.


The character presented as “sharp spicy flavour” Marie, played by Céline Victoria Fotso in Yelo Pèppè, the pan-African series sponsored by Maggi, has indeed a strong personality in this first episode. The video presentation of the characters described her as “Maybe too hot for softer palate”; we understand better why, and neither her son nor her husband will dare to say otherwise. 

The writers of Yelo Péppè have concocted for Céline Victoria Fotso a role to measure, well seasoned. Behind Marie, a woman dressed with taste, perched, looking confident and determined on her high heels, it is Céline, the stylist and businesswoman that we see. The influential, domineering woman, whom the actress in WAKA and Kuntak performs in the series echoes the life of the Jewanda magazine founder. 


In fact, one of the reasons why Marie sauce is easy enough to handle is because the mirror game between Marie and her interpreter reinforces the coherence and credibility of the character.

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In this sense, choosing Céline Victoria Fotso in this role was probably a stroke of genius, and brings a particular touch to the overall recipe that is the series Yelo Peppè. The series is broadcast every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 10am on Facebook and Youtube. The first episode below. Do not forget to subscribe to get constant updates.