BrightenMi Cosmetics Announces New product release – The Olive Line

BrightenMi Cosmetics

BrightenMi Cosmetics announces the availability of The Olive Line, enabling the public to purchase the products from their website or from their representatives in Yaoundé and Douala (Cameroon) respectively by contacting (+237) 696 80 33 04 or (+237) 661 43 94 77.


The Olive line has an exquisite selection of products that utilizes the highly-sought after anti-aging and cleansing benefits of olive oil, the unique skin brightening and rejuvenating qualities of kojic acid and vitamin C, and the protection properties of vitamin E to even skin and give it a luminous finish.

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“You posed the problems of dull, crumpled skin, having lost their shine, skin wrinkling … and we took time in our laboratories to find solutions based on raw materials very well selected.” said Eleanor, Co-Founder at BrightenMi Cosmetics.

BrightenMi cosmetics

The Olive Line is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of their commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. The Olive Line is now available for immediate purchase at, or by contacting our representatives in Yaounde and Douala (Cameroon) via  (+237) 696 80 33 04 or (+237) 661 43 94 77.


Founded in 2016, this US brand, is one of the best in the Cosmetic Industry in Cameroon thus far in terms of quality and results. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to nourish the skin, get rid of acne and dark spots.

BrightenMi cosmetics

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