237Music: Dready Christ – Too Long (Official Video)

Indie Artist Dready Christ releases a third video this year (2018), of a song titled Too Long…Dready Christ - Too long

Too long would be the 2nd video so far from Dready Christ‘s #BlackPower EP, following Mi & Mi Cliq video then precedes the former. Towards the close of the last year 2017, Dready released an EP titled #BlackPower. At the beginning of 2018, he released another 5 tracks freestyle EP titled Kribi Way; in response to the prolific Cameroonian producer, DiJay Karl‘s collection of free beats by the same title. All these for the love & support of the music culture.

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Seemingly, Dready’s full of surprises, as he releases videos simultaneously from the 2 released EPs so far, besides singles & multiple collaborations.
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