An Insight on Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba; founder of the Motbinama International S.A. Group

A model and an exemplary citizen, he invests himself every day to improve the living conditions of the people. Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba has made a commitment to completely renovate the neighbourhood where he grew up. The Nkomo district at the Lieu-dit Residence des Palmiers has been completely refurbished by its efforts through all of its local teams mobilized within the MOTBINAMA INTERNATIONAL group. After a few months the bet is held with Maestria.

For several months, teams followed one another, and a whole neighbourhood was being refurbished, which was falling apart. This is how the inhabitants have had time to see the disappearance of grasses, redesigned and constructed gutters, public benches and spaces installed or renovated, and public lighting installed. Rehabilitation of roads and bituming of some of them. A household waste management system was installed as well as a monitoring system to better protect the public.

It is in total a sum of 174 million FCFA which was paid out to allow the inhabitants to benefit from a renovated and refurbished district!

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Living abroad for more than ten years, Joseph Didier Ndi Samba has promised himself a European standing to this district so that it has nothing to envy to those whom they frequent around the world.

A commendable initiative and to be encouraged. According to well-introduced sources, initiatives in this direction will increase and diversify, to the delight of Cameroonians.

A man of culture, Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba produces talent and advocates for the promotion of talent and merit. For those who know him, he has a refined ear and nothing escapes him. This elephant memory is a fine music lover who listens to both traditional and world music. As a citizen of the world, he feels comfortable in intercultural mixing but never forgets his roots.

Joseph Didier Ndi-Samba is a 40-year-old, intrepid, multilingual entrepreneur born in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He made it to the Glob-Autos Yaoundé establishments at the age of 17 and launched into the Public Markets and delivery of spare parts. After that, he became the Garage Manager of Samba Autos at the age of 18, which was associated with the importation of used vehicles from Germany.

Holder of a DUTS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Yaoundé (Cameroon) he is also Engineer in Mechatronics (Motormanagement and Signal Stabilization) (WBH Darmstadt) Germany.

Joseph Didier Ndi Samba is fluent in 8 languages and is the founder of the Motbinama International S.A. Group (Six companies and 207 employees in 4 countries) with an annual turnover of 20 million euros, which are deployed in the following Business Sectors:
– Mechanical engineering
– Manufacture of motor vehicles
– Restoration of historic vehicles
– Building and public works
– Real estate
– Investment
– Monitoring and management of artistic careers
– Import-Export
– International logistics
– Scientific research;
Motbinama SA’s investments in Cameroon amounted to 1 billion 205 million francs in two years.

BrightenMi Cosmetics Announces New product release – The Olive Line

BrightenMi Cosmetics

BrightenMi Cosmetics announces the availability of The Olive Line, enabling the public to purchase the products from their website or from their representatives in Yaoundé and Douala (Cameroon) respectively by contacting (+237) 696 80 33 04 or (+237) 661 43 94 77.


The Olive line has an exquisite selection of products that utilizes the highly-sought after anti-aging and cleansing benefits of olive oil, the unique skin brightening and rejuvenating qualities of kojic acid and vitamin C, and the protection properties of vitamin E to even skin and give it a luminous finish.

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“You posed the problems of dull, crumpled skin, having lost their shine, skin wrinkling … and we took time in our laboratories to find solutions based on raw materials very well selected.” said Eleanor, Co-Founder at BrightenMi Cosmetics.

BrightenMi cosmetics

The Olive Line is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of their commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. The Olive Line is now available for immediate purchase at, or by contacting our representatives in Yaounde and Douala (Cameroon) via  (+237) 696 80 33 04 or (+237) 661 43 94 77.


Founded in 2016, this US brand, is one of the best in the Cosmetic Industry in Cameroon thus far in terms of quality and results. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to nourish the skin, get rid of acne and dark spots.

BrightenMi cosmetics

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