Star Profile: 237Xclusive meets Model and Designer, Jason Saïd(Jasaïd)

237Xclusive meets Model and Designer, Jason Saïd

237xclusive : ​Welcome to another exclusive interview with Model and designer extraordinaire,  Jason Saïd.
Jason Saïd is a high profiled Cameroon fashion designer and model and owner of
urban clothing brand Jasaïd ; A brand which has dressed Cameroon celebrities like
Locko, Tenor , Fluri Boyz, RenissDj Cyrius Black, Dj Labastille 1er and many more. Jason was also 2nd dauphin at Mr World Cameroon 2016 and 3rd Dauphin Man at The World Dubai contests.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-28 at 3.11.57 PMWelcome Jason it’s a pleasure to have you here today.
Jason: ​The pleasure is all mine. I must say you guys do great work so I’m honored to be here.

237xclusive : ​To begin with, the name Jason Saïdu Diakite doesn’t sound Cameroonian and we guess many have been wondering if  you are truly a Cameroonian. So tell us what origins are you?

Jason: ​The surname Jason is just my artist name . Well Saïdu is Muslim because I am
Muslim and Diakite is Senegalese. I am originally from Senegal because my father is a
Senegalese. My mum on the other hand, is a Cameroonian and I was born and have lived all my life in Cameroon. So by virtue of birth and culture, I am a Cameroonian and I am very happy to be one.

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237xclusive :​ As as fashion designer what are those skills you have acquired that have enabled or are enabling you to succeed?
Jason: ​Creativity Creativity Creativity! The main skill is creativity. You need to be creative in your work because that is how you make a difference and to be creative you need to be calm. Once you’re calm and focused you can always get inspired to do good work.

237xclusive : ​What is your designing technique? That is, Do your create fashion trends or
do you design according to what is trending at the moment?

Jason: ​It’s a combination of both because what is trending inspires me to design beautiful clothes. But also, you need to be genuine and original because that’s what makes the difference. That is why my motto is “Details make difference”.

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237xclusive : ​Also we would like to know what made you choose fashion and designing over pursuing a career in Accounting which is what you studied while schooling in the Catholic University of Yaounde. 
Jason: ​Hahaha…wow! Well before being an Accountant I am a fashion Designer . I chose
fashion designing long before I  took a course in accounting. I only did accounting to be able to manage my career in fashion and designing properly because to every craft there is business. If you miss the business part of it you will not hit the billion.

237xclusive : ​ Wow nice quote I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. How do you keep your customers coming? How do you handle customers services?
Jason: ​There actually is no definite method. You just have to always be up to date, original, creative and interesting. Interesting means your product should always call for attention. Also in the game of business the customer is king so treat them with all the respect they deserve because you will learn from them and without them you’re nothing.

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237xclusive : ​You are 2nd Dauphin Mr World Cameroon and also 3rd Dauphin Man of The
World Dubai. I must say that’s quite impressive. To whom or to what do you owe all these successes?
Jason : ​I owe it all to God almighty because only him gives. I thank him most
especially for my appearance( height, size, etc) It has helped me very much in this part of my career. Also to my friends and the people who surround me because they are the ones who believed in me and trusted me when no one else did. Also, my God given talent.

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237xclusive : ​There are a lot of young people looking up to you as their mentor and model.
What advice can you give to them?
Jason : ​This is a very good question. What I have always wanted to tell people, even those
who do not know me is that , you should not live a life without a plan. Live with an objective and an goal. Do not just do things because everyone does them, only animals live like that. Do things you love and because you want to change something in that aspect positively. No matter how much time it takes or how difficult the task is, remain consistent. You will succeed!

237Xclusive: Thanks Jason for taking out time to talk with us Jason. Thanks to our faithful readers for reading through and if you loved the interview kindly drop a comment below.