237Music: Kuyuh K – Gentleman treat ft Lionel Scofield

Vanilla tunes announces the release of Kuyuh K’s much anticipated Gentleman treat featuring Lionel Scofield.

Kuyuh K - Gentleman treat

The song is a pure expression of the gentlemanliness which ladies out there seek in men. If a woman falls in Love, what are the courtesies that she needs from her man?  This charmed musical piece with enchanting lyrics titled Gentleman Treat is made more thrilling as Kuyuh K invited His Label Mate, Lionel Scofield. The later who featured with a capacious NYANCHI Vibe on the afro Dancehall instrumentals produced by DJ W aka Large Pro.

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With a summer inspired production, Gentleman treat is going to have you asking yourself absolutely no Questions about total Entertainment.

237Cover: Lionel Scofield – Beri’Woh Tah (Thank you Lord)

Lionel Scofield performs a cover for Locko’s Thank you Lord titled Beri’Woh Tah…

Sometimes we spend so much time and energy thinking about where we want to go that we don’t notice where we happen to be.
 Lionel Scofield in this beautiful track “Beri’Woh Tah” a lamso translation for “Thank you Lord” thank God immensely for how  much He has blessed him and entrust his dreams into His hands.
This song originally performed by Locko  is covered by Lionel Scofield in an exceptional sweet voice and perfectly mastered  and Blended by D.J large Pro .
 This is a song that will be definitely be enjoy by all. Watch, enjoy and drop your comments.

237Music: LIONEL SCOFIELD – Dope Girl


Lionel Scofield comes around once again to sing about the mesmeLionel Scofieldrizing beauty of a nameless girl he met at a party, using the meekest words in English and French, with the mega skilled Barin cliff playing the heavy string lined Instrumentals.

The result is a pure feeling of soul rendered with exceptionally sweet vocals delivering a love song in appreciation to the mysterious beauty that the woman folk carries. Dope girl is the second single of Lionel Scofield under his Label – Vanilla tunes, and it embodies the sound of a feeling in his carrier, The Feeling he shares with his female fans christened “A NYANCHI THING”.

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This will definitely be enjoyed by all. A song for very special moments, from an especially talented Artist.

While he is promising fans a fantasy ride with the “Nyanchi” phenomenon, we invite you to listen Share and leave your comments on Dope girl.

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