237Gist: Martin Enow pulls out of Motherland Empire

Martin Enow, Manager at Motherland Empire announces that he quits the said record label…

Martin Enow x Stanley Enow

Martin Enow took to his facebook a few mins ago to announce that he was no longer involved in affairs concerning his brother Stanley Enow and that no one should get to him concerning Stanley. He also said if need be the person should get to Stanley directly. This raised eyebrows as we know they both have had a good working relationship for more than 5 years now ( though maybe they might have been huddles we do not know off).

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Martin has always been there for his brother picking his every fight and standing by him. This got us wondering why the sudden change of attitude? What went wrong?

Stanley Enow x Martin Enow

From the recent revelations we have had from Stanley and his team, if everything goes on as planned his career is about to take a huge turn with the coming of his second album. Why then quit before your moment of glory? Meanwhile Martin also revealed he will be live at 3pm today on his Facebook page to spill the beans. Well we just hope this is not another publicity stunt from our entertainers as that seems to be the trend amongst them these days. Subscribe and Stay tuned for more exclusive infos.