237Music: Mihney – Touch and go (Official video)

Mihney releases visuals for her single titled Touch and go….

Mihney - Touch and goAfter releasing a lyric video, Eben Entertainment presents Mihney in Touch and go. The sexy rapper didn’t hesitate to put her sexy and sultry body on display in this one. She as well flaunts her celebrity lifestyle and we are loving every bit of it.

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A Touch and go dance challenge was launched as well. The campaign is scheduled to run from 01 to 30 June 2018. The 3 most viewed videos will be rewarded as follows:
1st 500,000 FCFA + a smartphone
2nd 200,000 FCFA + a smartphone 3rd 100,000 FCFA + a smartphone

  1. Make your video (2min maximum) dance with Mihney’s single Touch and go
  2. Send the video via WHATSAPP to +241 06 24 01 05 or email to Challenge@eben-entertainment.com, including your name on social media and your country

  3. Share the TOUCH AND GO video and comment out “I am participating in the challenge”.




237Music: Mihney – Touch and go (Lyric video)

Mihney releases yet another single titled Touch and go….

Feemcee, Mihney seems to have got her groove back on as she releases a new single Touch and go. After the release of Pandemie, fans were thirsting for new and more dope music from Mihney. The later did not hesitate to bring it on with this new vibe.
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Touch and go sounds different yet very appealing to the ears. Click on the link below to download and listen for yourself. We would be pleased to have your opinion in the comment section.

[download id=”13601″]


237Music: Mihney – Pandemie (Download)

After a long while off the scene, Mihney returns with a spanking new video titled Pandemie…

Mihney Pandemie Download

If you ask us, we would say Mihney is one of Cameroon’s finest rap export. Not having heard from her in such a long time made us a lil sad. Then we hear she signed a record deal with Eben Entertainment, she later on announces the release of a new single and Adrenaline rush sets in. When she finally drops Pandemie , we rush to watch and it is everything we expected. You thought you had seen the best from Nkeng Stephens yet? Nahhh he murdered it on this one.

Already available on iTunes and other online music platforms, Pandemie  is a single that gives us, a background of dancehall and African sounds, an original title and dance while sensuality. Produced by Marshall Cyano, A “pandemic” spread by texts in French, English and in her native dialect.

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This single prefigures the upcoming release of a new solo album, the very first, signed on EBEN Entertainment and already augurs a great future career. Watch Pandemie by Mihney and let us know your thoughts on it.

[download id=”13140″]


Watch “YUNGTIME FT MIHNEY Uh uh,uh hum official video”

Yung Time’s song Uh-uh, uh-hum featuring Mihney is a song of the Otantik Mixtape which is a cover of E-40’s choices.


It has been previously held that Jovi copied the song and did another song titled «ou meme».
Is Jovi’s ‘Ou Meme’ a copy of Yung Time’s ‘Uh Uh uhhum’?

​Did New Bell’s CEO plagiarise Yung Time’s Song? If you’ve not listened to both your reaction will surely turn out to be ‘Ou meme’.

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After listening carefully to both tracks, did you notice that the Mboko god, Jovi simply replaced Yung Time’s ‘Uh uh’ with ‘Ou Meme’? Well we think both concepts are different. Let us know what you think.

New Music Video: YUNGTIME FT MIHNEY- Uh uh,uh hum

Mihney – Depuis Quand (Official Video) 

Rap queen Mihney is back! Otantik Ent‘s prodigee Mihney is back with a video for her hit single Depuis kan produced by Edi Le Drae in 2015. This video was co-directed by Sky Star and Dr Nkeng Stephens. Enjoy…