Missy BK made 2017 Canada’s Top 100 Black Women

Canada’s Top 100 Black Women in a spirit of celebrating the achievers, trailblazers, movers and shakers among our black sisters.

Those sisters who are devoted to their work, causes, communities, corporations, but are never seen in the media.

Missy BK Canada top 100 black women 2017

During the Canadian International black women event which was held at the Pearson convention center in Mississauga Toronto Canada on Saturday, June 17 2017.  Our very own Cameroonian Sister Constance Bih Kimal a.k.a Missy Bk, a very talented Cameroonian female vocalist/artist residing in Canada was selected and honored as one of Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to watch 2017.

The Canadian international black women event symbolizes the boundless legacy black women are building in Canada and beyond through their achievements, leadership and  successes.

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As black women continue to thrive in their professions, roles and circles, we have to remember that this is made possible so that our sisters around the world could be too.

Watch a short video of Missy BK’s stunning performance at the event.

Magasco Steals the Show at the U.S.A Kom Convention

Magasco Steals the Show at the U.S.A Kom Convention

Magasco was guest artist at The U.S.A Kom convention which took place over the weekend!

The Event started on Thursday June 15th with the launching of the Komnamites (A YOUTH GROUP), a traditional Friday night and a Gala on Saturday. All the way from 237 to represent at the occasion was the TRUE KOM SON Tohnain Anthony Nguo a.k.a MAGASCO. He was present adorned  in a very beautiful traditional regalia.
Other artists at the event were Missy BK a very talented lady known for her unique voice, and T. Nayah who also performed. Isn’t Kom just blessed to have such Talents?!


MAGASCO was recognized for his artistic work by the KOM people of the United States as He was given a named title only the Kom people can pronounce “Tchiekom“. Tchiekom is a title often given only to older folks but MAGASCO was honoured to have earned this title from his people. MAGASCO promised to “try his best” to be at every Kom convention to support and represent his people.

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Thanks to MAGASCO for his humble nature as he showed support and love for his culture. The lesson to be learned from MAGASCO‘s attitude towards his culture and people is to “Never forget where you come from.”

MAGASCO also had a good time in the US relaxing with family, friends, fans and also chopping monies!


Wait for his new releases coming soon!!