237Review: Elian Achu Reviews #SavingMbangoTheMovie

Saving Mbango revolves around the titular character (Godisz Fungwa), an ambitious young man caught up in a dysfunctional family

Directed By: Nkanya Nkwai
Producer: Stephanie E. Tum
Main Cast: Godisz Fungwa, Onyama Laura, MacDonald Libota, Stephanie Tum, Malvis Ann Mohvu, Einstein Young Jr, Ralph Obi Tambe, Ngonga Elizabeth and Otia Vitalis.
Release Date: November 29th, 2019
Genre: Drama/Romance

Saving Mbango revolves around the titular character (Godisz Fungwa), an ambitious young man caught up in a dysfunctional family who constantly get in the way of his dreams and ambitions. The only snag is that he falls in love with a village girl Mbango (Onyama Laura) who almost everyone considers an outcast. John quickly realises his problems are secondary to Mbango’s and his overbearing family stands in the way of this love.  John is therefore torn between acceptance by his family and his almost ‘impossible’ love for Mbango.

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There has been a lot of hype about Saving Mbango both pre and post production and  especially during the promo for the grand premiere of the movie in Douala which was proudly sponsored by Orange Cameroon and now I see why. The movie was indeed a mighty fine one. What particularly endeared me was the simple and basic plot which was easy to follow and not overly complicated.

Shot in Mondoni village, the storytelling was decent and appealing and was brought to life by some really good acting especially that of Godisz and Laura. Their character was so relatable that after a while, you start seeing them as John and Mbango rather than Godisz and Laura. Laura’s innocence and pure nature were charming and really cute and that swayed the audience to her side. I was also impressed with the characters of Stephanie Tum and Solange Ojong who went completely 360° anti-clockwise from their usual selves to fit into these roles perfectly.

Other than the acting I must specifically note that the technical aspects of the movie making were top notch. The colouring was marvellous and the camera work was superb. I especially liked the way they transited between scenes. Another commendable aspect was the soundtrack – they used really appropriate cameroonian rhythms which aided with the overall feel of the scenes.

The plot twist at the end was really a move to be commended. I’m really proud of this movie because of its simplicity and cultural fitting for local and international audiences and I do recommend it to everyone especially the Cameroonian film doubters. Saving Mbango is scheduled to stream in Canal Olympia cinemas all over Central Africa starting with those in Yaoundé and Douala.

Watch it’s trailer below.

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After creating major buzz in the UK and Douala, the movie Breach of trust  which features actors from the UK, Cameroon and Nigeria is set to hit the big screen of the country’s capital Yaoundé at the prestigious Hilton Hotel on the 2nd of December 2017 at 6:30p.m. The June 2017 UK premiere had over 300 guests in attendance and a vast media coverage from notable media houses like Vox Africa, FabAfriq Magazine, the Pauline Long Show, CRTV’s On7 and many more.  The Douala Premiere of Breach of Trust in October 2017 at CanalOlympia Bessengue was a colorful one with over 250 guests in attendance. Sponsored by the international whiskey brand Glenffidich, the premiere had in attendance celebrities, entrepreneurs and live media coverage by Njoka TV, Canal 2, On7, FabAfriq Magazine and STV.


Incest and sexual assault by family members whom we trust is a common but unaddressed issue in our society today. This is often due to societal pressure, fear, guilt, not knowing who to talk to, where to get support, the urge to protect the abusers reputation and the fear of not being believed. More often than not the abusers are not brought to justice and are therefore free to carry out this same sinful act over and over on new victims. This is our sad reality especially in African- Caribbean community.

Drawing from a true life story of a young lady who had been abused by a family member but didn’t speak up till she was abused again, UK based Cameroonian Producer Roseline Fonkwa Moundjongui developed the movie concept for Breach of Trust. It is a UK (NelsonSpyke) /Cameroon (Nkanya Nkwai) directed movie that tells the story of two families in different locations experiencing the same predicaments of sexual abuse by one member of the family to a young vulnerable female member of that family. These abusers are in a position of trust but they break this trust when they make the decision to abuse their helpless young girls hence the title “BREACH OF TRUST”.

It an Epic story which explores how we perceive incest as a taboo and cover up abusers rather than stand up to them and end the cycle. It is filled with raw emotion and takes the viewer into the mind of an abused kid while sounding the trumpet for a call to action against this societal worm that is quietly feeding on our young ones.  The ultimate goal of the movie Breach of Trust is to raise awareness in our communities and let people feel safe to talk about this issue, deal with it and signpost people to where they can get support.

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The producer has taken it a step further by registering an association in Cameroon and the UK called Voice of Hope to help victims of sexual Abuse and families. This is a center that will provide counselling, education and other forms of support.


About 3R Production

3R Productions was created in September 2016
The aim is to make movies that tell stories happening within our communities and addressing social issues affecting our communities

Headquarters: London 50 Cambridge Road Barking Essex IG11 8FG

Tel: 00447904230212


About Voice of Hope

Visit our website: yourvoiceofhopeorg.co.uk

For more Info

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Editor/PR  @  FabAfriq Magazine

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Syndy Emade and Kang Quintus spotted on a movie set in Nigeria

About a week after A Man for the weekend movie premiere, Cameroonian actress and producer, Syndy Emade is spotted on a movie set in Nigeria alongside US Based Cameroonian actor, Kang Quintus. This movie also features the likes of Daniel K Daniel, Martha Ankomah and Tana Adelana. It is titled Side Chick Chronicles. Below are a few pictures from the set of this movie.

Syndy Emade x Martha Ankomah
Syndy Emade x Martha Ankomah


Movie Review : Expression

Expression is a Cameroonian movie written by Tessy Esseme and produced by Tessy Esseme and Alenne Menget. It was directed by Musing Derrick

I was so excited when I found out Bolloré was building a cinema in Douala, Cameroon. When it was completed I rushed immediately to share the good news with you guys on here but I bet very few of you paid attention to it. I even got more excited when I was told a Cameroonian movie was to be premiered at Canal Olympia (not only because it was Cameroonian but because it was the first) and I told myself I must attend this premiere! The premiere was a black carpet affair attended by the creme de la creme and movie lovers nationwide including the legendary Sallé John. Now let’s talk about Expression.


Out of the four Cameroonian movies I happened to have watched Expression is my favorite. I personally like it because it is far from the ordinary. It is DIFFERENT! The story has a lot of twist and turns and you couldn’t tell what to expect when!

Alenne Menget and Tessy Esseme

Expression is a feature film written and produced by Tessy Esseme. It was co-produced by Alenne Menget and directed by Musing Derrick.


This movie is centered around an abandoned child; the psychological trauma this girl went through and the struggle she surpassed to find her mother. The main characters in the movie are Alenne Menget, Solange Yijika, Nsang Dilong and Ngong Tatiana.


It was shot in the beautiful city of Buea. Amanda (Ngong tatiana) is this young lady who was abandoned by her mother at a very tender age and by some mysterious way gets assimilated into a cartel or should I say mafia ring. This ring is headed by Jack (Alenne Menget) and he grooms Amanda for years to be his prodigy. Amanda is tormented by the fact that she doesn’t know her parents and has no identity. She decides to steal a huge some of money from Jack and go in search of her mother.

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She starts following clues until she finds this lady called Jasmine whom she thinks is her mother. She then pays Tessy (Nsang Dilong) to act as an under cover agent and find out everything about Jasmine. While on her assignment, scrupulous and ambitious Tessy finds out Jasmine (Solange Yijika)  is a gold mine and decides to scheme her way through and pose as Amanda. Jasmine  thinking Tessy is her daughter starts to shower her with love and gifts. While having to deal with Tessy’s betrayal, Amanda also has Jack on her tail.


Am gonna stop here 😉 y’all will have to find the movie and watch it in other to know how it ends. All in all it was a fun night; I got to sit in a cinema hall and watch a cameroonian movie for the first time and the experience was out of the world. Thumbs up to the entire team. We hope to have many more experiences like that in the future.