237Fashion: “PASSION” The Dry Season – 17 Collection by OZI INTERNATIONAL

OZI INTERNATIONAL  presents  “PASSION”  The Dry Season – 17 Collection


OZI INTERNATIONAL  presents  “PASSION”  The Dry Season – 17 Collection

Passion is not limited to careers and money. It extends to finding your authentic self, the one you’ve burried under people’s expectations and needs; your uniqueness.

The passion for fashion is usually lost in the scorching heat waves that come with the dry season. This thought inspired us to create easy and airy pieces that suit the weather yet leaves the “OZI girl” looking uniquely outstanding and stylish.


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These easy pieces are for the fashion lover who seeks to stir up that passion which naturally fades in difficult times. The kind of passion that arrests the soul with the fragrance of flowers or the beauty of colours. The kind of passion it takes to nurture seeds into a beautiful garden.

At OZI, we make you look different, we make the difference clear.

If it’s different, it’s OZI International.

Photos: Nji Asonganyi Studios
Models: Tancho Zinky & Mercy Joyce

All sizes available.
We ship worldwide.
To Order/Buy;

Nouvelle route grand moulin-Deido
Douala, Cameroon.
Email: ozibyanyi@gmail.com

Snapchat: anyiasonganyi

237Fashion: OZI INTERNATIONAL presents The “VIBRANT” Collection!

OZI INTERNATIONAL presents The “VIBRANT” Collection!

If it’s different, it’s OZI International!

In order to quench the impatience and hunger expressed by its clientele as a result of the long wait that comes with producing its vibrant and elaborate seasonal collections,  has resolved to releasing a monthly mini collection solely to satisfy you. At OZI International, they mean it when they say “customer is king”.
OZI serves you its  “June/July-17” mini collection.OZI INTERNATIONAL-June-Collection10_resized.jpg

OZI creates every piece with a vision to have its clients clearly stand out in today’s world where originality is fast becoming a thing of the past.  Everybody needs that 1 or 6 piece(s) in their closet that makes them look effortlessly unique.  The collection was inspired by warm climate of Douala and the fact that it’s summer time in other parts of the world. People need something fresh, colourful and airy to wear but still go out looking unique and classy.

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The collection is for any fashion forward person who doesn’t want to do too much. The pieces are easy and can be worn with just anything from jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, bikinis…just anything. They are available at its store only at the moment which is found at Nouvelle Route Grand Moulin, Deido, Douala. Ozi‘s goal is to add that spark to your closet.

OZI INTERNATIONAL-June-Collection4_resized.jpg
At OZI, we make you look different, we make the difference clear.
                                   Anyi Asonganyi, CEO of OZI INTERNATIONAL
OZI INTERNATIONAL-June-Collection11_resized.jpg

Photos: Nji Asonganyi Pictures
Models: Tancho Zinky, Mercy Joyce, Richmond Tancho, Anyi Asonganyi.
Makeup: OZI InternationalTo order:
Call/ WhatsApp: +237679193630/ +237654074357
Email: ozibyanyi@gmail.com

Anyi Asonganyi

CEO & Creative Director
OZI International
Nouvelle Route Grand Moulin, Deido
Douala – Cameroon.
Instagram: anyiasonganyi
Twitter: anyiasonganyi
Snapchat: anyiasonganyi