237Music: PC Divine – Embouteillage (Lyrics video)

Cameroonian artist, PC Divine releases new single titled Embouteillage…

 pc divine embouteillage

Faithful to himself, the author of hit ” ashaooh “, DIVINE PC returns to us in Embouteillage mode , a song which speaks about the everyday life of our roads to Cameroon, especially those of Douala.

In this new title, sung at the same time in Pidgin and in French, on a music in the afrobeat sauce, He paints a picture of the city during the huge hold ups of certain points in the town known to all. We really feel the real-life experience, as traffic hold ups left thousands of its victims stranded and fustrated.

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He sings here his bellyful in the face of these situations which often take us several hours. He resumes even certain assertions. It is a strong and explicit way of plunging his music lovers into the movie of Embouteillage such as lived in Cameroon.