Brand New: Pierre Bae – Danser

OAP, Pierre Bae releases debut single titled Danser produced by Willbeatz. Click here to download

A debut single is a defining moment in a singer’s career, and this is no exception for Cameroonian artist Pierre Bae aka Mboadiva.
Born in the political capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, Pierre showed her passion for music at very early stage but although she was blessed with a unique voice, stepping into the music industry was a hard task mainly due to family reasons. So she opted to study journalism which at least would give her a chance to be closeto the microphone and the camera.
In June 2013, after graduating from the journalism training, she met Tony Nobody, an authority in the Cameroonian urban music and media scenes. He opened the doors of his communication house BLAXITY and gave her a place in the family. In this period, Pierre has known the secrets of the African showbiz in general and of Cameroon in the specific, especially to develop her experience as a TV/radio presenter.
Her most notable achievements in this phase of her career saw Pierre presenting the “TOP 10 ZIK” on MBOA (musical entertainment program on a national television) and presenting the radio show Bled City on SWEET FM.

Her debut single “Danser” is the result of her first studio work with producer Willbeatz. The song is a celebration of life in the midst of daily struggles and difficulties. This song promotes the union of African people, discovering other cultures, so that at the end, Africa wins!
After some pre releases on radios across Africa and beyond, “Danser” is officially released today on all major music stores and streaming services across the globe thanks to Africori (, the largest aggregator of African music in the world to whom Pierre is signed for digital distribution.
Our great artist from Cameroon, Pierre Bae, releases today her debut single #Dancer!
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